What happens when you drop a guy head first in a vat of molten tar? He might die, but that would be the easy answer. If it happened during the Particle Accelerator Explosion two years ago, the guy most likely gains hot tar powers, and comes back looking for revenge. When someone finally digs him out in tonight’s episode. Now ‘Tar Pit’ may be the angry meta-human of the week, but the real story is about Wally West. He’s into illegal street racing, thus the name ‘Fast Lane.’

Barry is still heart broken about Patty leaving. But when he goes back to the house to talk about his feelings with Joe and Iris, he runs into an emotional roadblock. Wally is there, causing Barry to feel like the odd man out. And he races off, not wanting to interrupt their new bonding opportunity. Though the Wests are having a hard time connecting, and probably could have used the interruption. Joe is afraid of pushing Wally away, so he’s looking the other way when it comes to his illegal street racing activities. While Iris, being a reporter, isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. Even if it means chasing Wally away, which is exactly what happens.

Francine West, Iris and Wally’s mother, died between the last episode and this one. So Wally is full of angst. As a child, his mother used to take Wally on long drives, and now that she’s gone, driving is a way to remember her. Plus! Wally is all about the speed. Which may come in handy, if he ever becomes Kid Flash! At the next illegal racing event, Iris crashes the party, dolled up like a racing babe. She’s undercover. Iris intends to write an expose on the illegal operation, in an effort to get the dangerous races stopped. She’s worried about her baby brother.

Meanwhile, Harry is moving forward with his nefarious plan. Zoom and Harry Wells are in cahoots. But Wells is only cooperating with Zoom to save his daughter. She’s being held hostage by Zoom on Earth 2. Here’s the plan.  Wells hides a device in Barry’s suit that will siphon off the speed force. It works, and while Barry is out fighting Tar Pit, about 2% of the speed force is stripped away from him and captured in the device. Then Harry presents the glowing speed force to Zoom, who injects it into himself like a Junkie shooting up heroine. And guess what? He wants more.

Barry and Cisco notice that The Flash isn’t quite as fast as he used to be. But neither is alarmed. They don’t know about Wells or his plan. In fact, Barry has warmed up to Wells and wants to befriend him, though Wells tries to stay detached. But Barry is the kind of guy that grows on you. So Harry begins to regret what he’s doing. So much so, that he warns Barry, straight out, that he will betray him to save his daughter. But good ole Barry doesn’t want to believe that, even though it’s actually happening. And when Tar Pit attacks and puts Wally and Iris in danger, he’s only fast enough to save one of them. And Iris pays the price.

A glass shard, from a Tar Pit induced car crash, hits Iris. Barry isn’t fast enough to stop it. So he rushes her to the hospital. That’s where Wally, Joe and Iris bond. Wally feels responsible for what happened to Iris. She was at one of his races when things went bad. And he shows up at the hospital with flowers and a better attitude. First Wally and Joe have a touching moment, then Iris and Wally have a touching moment. So you’re left with the feeling that the West family is going to be ‘a-okay’! But what about Barry? He’s feeling guilty because he couldn’t save Iris. And now he’s concerned about what’s happening with his speed.

That’s when Harrison Wells surprises everyone, by confessing to everything. And this new betrayal doesn’t sit well with team Flash. They feel this is the evil Doctor Wells scenario all over again. So they lock him up in the pipeline and make plans to send him back to Earth 2. And once there, they’ll destroy all the breeches and strand Zoom and Wells on Earth 2 forever. And they can do that, because before things went completely sideways, Barry and Wells developed a breech bomb.  And once it’s tossed into an active breech, the thing will implode and collapse that bridge between worlds.

This is a plan that will rid them of Wells and Zoom forever, making them Earth 2’s problem. But Barry isn’t ready to give up on Wells. He knows he was coerced. So he’s willing to forgive him, the same way he forgave Cisco when he betrayed Barry to save his brother. So team Flash frees Wells, and tells him that he’s still part of the team. In fact, they have a plan. They want to go with Harry to Earth 2 to stop Zoom and save his daughter. What! What! So next episode, they’re headed to Earth 2! STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Note: The Flash stops Tar Pit. Was there ever any doubt?


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