For me, the best part of this episode is the return of Roy Harper, or “Arsenal.” In case you don’t know, Roy was part of team Arrow. But he took the fall to protect Oliver’s secret identity, and the team faked his death to get him out of jail. But he had to leave town so that his misdirect wouldn’t be discover. Well now he’s back. And he’s as cool as ever. Roy must have taken up Parkour, because he can run up walls, flip and jump like a kangaroo. Too bad he’s using his newfound skills to steal valuable tech. And it’s up to Oliver to take him down.


But Roy hasn’t gone bad. He’s being blackmailed. If he doesn’t do what he’s doing, Oliver’s secret will be exposed. And if people realize who the Green Arrow is, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out the identities of the entire team. Luckily, early on in the episode, Felicity figures it all out and has Oliver kill Roy … apparently. So the blackmailer, who calls himself The Calculator, will think he’s dead and gone. This allows Roy to temporarily rejoin team Arrow. YEAH!


And Roy’s return is very timely, because the team is a woman down. Thea is sick. She may be dying. She’s been fighting the bloodlust that her dip in the Lazarus Pit brings about. If she doesn’t take a life, the mystical power of the pit will take her life. I guess Oliver didn’t read the fine print when he took Thea to Nanda Parbat for her partial resurrection.  And speaking of the home of Ra’s al Ghul, Nyssa breaks out of the dungeon and is one angry assassin. And she wants Malcolm Merlyn dead.


But Malcolm is in Star City with Thea, being the concerned Dad. Though that won’t keep him safe, because the evil Calculator has stolen enough tech to kill almost everyone in the city. So it’s up to Team Arrow to stop him. And thanks to Felicity, they do. The Calculator is even more Computer-savvy than she is, but she’s able to use a device developed by Ray Palmer to get the upper hand. And though she does through a wrench in his plans, to totally shut him down someone has to detonate a bomb, while they’re pretty close to it. And Roy volunteers, though Oliver isn’t happy about it. I won’t keep you in suspense. Thanks to Roy’s newly developed speed and agility, he is able to outrun disaster.


The city is saved. But what about Thea? Roy and Thea confirm what we already know. They love each other. And if things were different they’d be together. But Arrow has a way of turning happiness into tragedy. Thea falls into a comma that the doctor’s say she may never recover from. In fact, Thea might die. But then Nyssa shows up at the hospital and tells Oliver that she retrieved this rare Lotus that is the cure for Thea’s condition. But there’s a catch. Isn’t there always. Oliver will have to kill Malcolm Merlyn to get it. I guess that will make Nyssa the next Ra’s al Ghul.


In this weeks unnecessary Flashback, Shado returns in Oliver’s fever-induce hallucination. And she teaches him to be open and let go of guilt. Shado gives him a rune-covered rock in his dream, and he wakes up with it. So maybe the dream was more mystical than mental. I just hope this will inspire him to more honest in his present-day life. He still hasn’t told Felicity that he has a child. Oliver sneaks back to Central City to see him on occasion. So she’s bound to find out. Felicity is a pretty smart.


And speaking of Felicity, she overcomes a stumbling block in this episode, metaphorically. Felicity had lost confidence since her accident and let the fact that she’s in a wheelchair hold her back at Palmer Tech. But thanks to Curtis, who still believes in her, she’s able to woman-up and prove to the suits that she’s still got what it takes. I don’t know how long she’ll be wheelchair bound, but I like how her character’s new reality doesn’t stop her from being a hero.


Note: The big twist this episode is a reveal that could further complicate things for Felicity. The Calculator, the big bad of this episode, is Felicity’s father. Wrap your head around that. AND STAY TUNED!!!

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