Kara wakes up on Krypton! It seems her whole trip to Earth, and the destruction of the planet, was just a fever dream. And now she’s awake and ready to rejoin her family on a Krypton that’s more “Star Wars” than “Man Of Steel.” There’s a really cool looking gold robot nurse and tall gleaming spires, and a twelve year old Kal-el that’s as cute as a button. It’s a perfect world. So why is Kara so reluctant to accept it? It’s not like there was an alien parasite that attacked her last episode, attached itself to her, and is draining the life out of her while allowing her to hallucinate about getting everything her heart desires. Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening. And though Kara may fight to remember Earth, the longer she’s under the parasite’s influence, the more she’ll accept her new reality. Then she’ll die.

Cat is the first to realize that Kara is missing. She’s not there to bring her coffee or bow to her every whim. And Cat knows why. Or at least she thinks she does. Cat’s still pissed about Kara dumping her son Adam, and she thinks Kara is afraid to face her. So she charges Winn to find her. So Winn, James and Alex meet at the apartment and discover Kara on the floor with the nasty-looking parasite wrapped around her. Alex calls in her people, and they take Supergirl back to the D.E.O.. Also allowing Winn and James to tag along, which Hank isn’t too pleased about. After all it is supposed to be a super secret facility.

Non tells Astra about the parasite, called the “Black Mercy.” He sent it to kill Kara, since Astra appears to have gone soft, and is unwilling to do the deed herself. But has Astra gone soft when it comes to Supergirl? The answer is ‘yes’. Astra is Supergirl’s aunt after all. So she slips away to warn Alex about the parasite, telling her that it can’t be removed or killed until Kara rejects the reality the parasite has created, and fights her way back to this reality. But that seems impossible, since Kara has forgotten about Earth, and is settling in to her new life with her family on Krypton. And yeah, little Kal-el is adorable.

But while Kara is off in dreamland, things are brewing back on Earth. A solar storm on the surface of the sun is upsetting tech on Earth, disrupting communications. And Non, Astra, and their Kryptonian minions, are using the chaos to initiate their plan, codename: Myriad. Though they never explain exactly what happens what Myriad is. And what about Kara’s job at Catco? That has to be saved. So Hank, using his shape-shifting ability, becomes Kara. But being Cat Grant’s assistant isn’t as easy as Hank imagined it would be, and he only makes things worse between Cat and Kara.

At the D.E.O., Maxwell Lord helps Alex manipulate alien tech, allowing her to slip into Kara’s reality. Her plan is to talk Kara into coming home. But Kara’s already forgotten about Earth, and she’s living happily on Krypton, with her parents, Aunt Astra, and the endearing Kal-el. So when Alex shows up, with a gun, she’s totally rejected and seen as a threat. She’s in Kara’s imagination. I don’t know why she thought she’d need a gun. But before Astra can send Alex off to the Phantom Zone, Alex pleads with Kara to remember her life on Earth. And she does.   So Kara leaves her dream- world with her sister, and they both wake up. Sister power is a beautiful thing.

Needless to say, Kara is pissed when she wakes up. And she’s ready to make Non pay for what he did to her. They track down Astra and Non, with a little help from Winn, and Supergirl is ready to fight. She mops up the floor with Non, but not before he attaches some device to a satellite dish, which was his plan all along. He escapes. And the Martian Manhunter battles Astra, and loses. But before she can kill Hank, Alex impales her with a glowing sword. It’s a fatal blow. But Supergirl is still able to talk to her aunt a few moments, allowing them to patch things up before she dies. Because that’s how scenes like that always play out. But with her last breath, Astra warns Supergirl that Myriad, and Non, can’t be stopped.

Hank lies to Supergirl, telling her that he was the one who killed Astra. And he does it so that her death doesn’t drive a wedge between the two sisters. Maxwell Lord is put back in his glass cage at the D.E.O., which doesn’t appear to have any toilet facilities. And Kara, Alex, James and Winn go back to the apartment for pot stickers and ice cream. That’s where Kara quotes The Wizard of Oz. “There’s no place like home.”

NOTE: They still haven’t resolved how Kara is going to deal with the irate Cat Grant. So Stay tuned! *And in case you didn’t hear; The Flash will be making an appearance on Supergirl in March. The name of the episode is ‘Worlds Finest.’


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