Mister Freeze showed up in the last Gotham, but that was months ago so you may not remember it. Victor Fries, soon-to-be-known-as Mister Freeze, showed up at the end of the last episode, looking a lot like Captain Cold from The Flash, and shot some guy with his freeze gun. So we’re back from our hiatus, and so is he. And we get Freeze’s origin story, which is pretty close to what’s laid out in the comics. Victor Fries’ wife is dying, so to save her, he’s developed this cryogenic technology that will safely freeze her until a cure can be found. That makes him a good husband, right? But the big problem with the tech is that once he’s created this ‘wife-cicle’ there’s no way to thaw her out without killing her. So he’s not primarily killing people, he’s freezing them and using them to test new reanimation methods. But they do die a horrible melting death, so I guess you can say; yes, he’s killing people.

And speaking of killing people, what about Jim Gordon? At the end of the last episode: Jim and Penguin kidnapped Theo Galavan. Then Penguin beat Galavan to a pulp with a bat, and Jim Gordon shot Galavan in the head. But Jim is still a good guy, right? Or is brutal execution crossing a line? How is he going to explain that back at the precinct? Well question answered. Jim Gordon is going to lie, going into full denial mode. Captain Barnes, and District Attorney Harvey Dent, question Jim. And stone-faced, he gives false testimony that’s so convincing it fools a lie detector. He also claims he fled Gotham to protect his pregnant Fiancée from Galavan. So, with everything explained, sort of, Jim Gordon is reinstated and returns to duty. But Captain Barnes is no dummy, and though Jim appears to be telling the truth, Barnes is still suspicious.

And oh how the mighty have fallen. Penguin is a wanted man, because of Galavan’s death, and he’s pretty much just roaming the streets like a homeless vagrant. His former buddy Butch is the new crime czar, but he can’t go to Butch for help. Penguin chopped off Butch’s hand to make Galavan believe they were on the outs. It was part of a bigger plan that Butch didn’t have a say in. So Butch is holding a grudge, with his remaining hand. And his missing appendage has been replaced with a working drill, which he uses on people he doesn’t like. He tries to use it on Tabitha Galavan, who arrives unannounced, looking to join up. But she’s a smart seductress, and avoids death by offering him a professional and sexual alliance.

Back at the precinct, Jim re-teams with Harvey and they begin to look into the death of an officer, killed by ice. She was unlucky enough to run into Victor Fries while he was colleting another poor soul for experimentation. She got hit with the freeze ray, and was frozen solid. Ed Nygma talks to Jim and Harvey about Liquid Helium, the substance that’s probably being used to freeze people. But Ed has changed. He’s darker and a bit unhinged. Jim can’t rat him out for harboring and befriending the Penguin. Since Jim and Penguin share a dark secret as well. That would be a little pot-calling-the-kettle-black. So Jim keeps Ed’s secret.

But Captain Barnes catches the Penguin. And he’s anxious to hear what Penguin has to say about the murder of Theo Galavan. But Penguin doesn’t give Jim up. He confesses to the murder, claiming to be insane. So they take him Arkham, where all the crazies go for a little rest and rehabilitation. Once there, we meet Doctor Hugo Strange, the head of psychiatry. And just like his name, his methods are strange. One of his patients scratches his own eyes out. And Hugo Strange also has a secret underground lab, where he conducts strange untold experiments with the help of his equally strange assistant Miss Peabody. So Penguin better be careful if he doesn’t want to take a trip to this Doctor’s office.

Nora Fries is getting worse, so Victor goes to fill a prescription for her. Too bad the Pharmacist is being a jerk, refusing to refill the medication. Yeah, it’s too bad for him. Because Victor comes back in full super villain garb, and freezes him. He’s the next experiment. But this all goes down in broad daylight, so the police are called and they find info that leads them to Nora and Victor’s place. Victor isn’t home. But they find the frozen Pharmacist, and others, and take Nora into custody. But she doesn’t know anything. Victor told her he was testing his reanimation procedures on rats, not people. She’s appropriately horrified by her husband’s actions.

Victor discovers that Nora has been arrested, and he goes to the police station to turn himself in. But the cops think he’s a kook, not a killer. So they don’t book him, they have him sit unattended and wait for Jim and Harvey, along with the four other nut-jobs claiming to be killers.   And while he’s waiting, the frozen Pharmacist thaws out and stumbles out of Nygma’s lab. He collapses, cold but alive, on the floor of the precinct. Victor’s last technique worked! And that’s a revelation for Victor, who now sees this as a way to save his wife. So he exits the station, ready to take on the world.

The newspapers get ahold of the story of the villain who can freeze and reanimate, and they come up with the name ‘Mister Freeze’.   Then Doctor Hugo Strange reads the article with interest. Obviously he’s interested in the process or reanimation as well. Maybe they’ll team up. STAY TUNED!!!!!


Side Notes: We see Lucius Fox briefly, and he talks about Wayne Enterprises and their failed cryogenic venture. But we don’t see Bruce or Alfred. And we see Selina spying on Butch and Tabitha, but that’s pretty much it for her this episode as well.

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