On DVD March 8

On DVD March 8

The DVD release of Community’s hitherto final season reminds me to watch it. I forgot to watch it on Yahoo! Screen. Sorry about that. That’s my fault. But the episodes are as strong as ever. The incorporation of remote students via tablets is current and clever, and Abed’s party movie is a strong illustration of the point at which it stops being fun.

Even with the extended Yahoo! episodes, there are still a few deleted scenes with some fun moments, but nothing memorable. The gag reel includes some surprisingly low brow bodily humor. A Community quiz is really a good illustration of the patience that cast has for trivia, and how hard it is to remember stuff from even recent seasons.

The main behind the scenes feature is focused on the season/series finale and final season. It gets to the creative and emotional heart of the show for the fans and creators. This is going to hit fans hard, and it’s a great bonus reason to complete the six season DVD set.

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