Hey all you DC TV fans,  all the great DC Comics-based shows you got this season, will keep coming your way!  That’s right, The CW renewed everything.   So Arrow, Flash, i Zombie, and DC Legends of Tomorrow, will be back next season.  And on CBS, Supergirl got renewed for a season 2 as well.  The only wildcard is Gotham.  Fox hasn’t announced yet, so this isn’t bad news.  We’ll just have to wait a little longer to find out it’s fate.  But I’d say that things are looking g00d.  Gotham has continually performed well, and it even beat Supergirl a time or two, which is great for FOX, a smaller network.  Now the CW is the smallest network, and their TV shows draw far fewer viewers than the others. So when it beats another network’s show in the coveted 18-49 demographic, it’s great news for them.  The Flash beat out ABC’s Agents of Shield a few times , and that’s a David-and-Goliath-sized accomplishment.   (Though Agents of Shield was also renewed for next season)  I’ll keep you updated on  any new updates about Gotham.   STAY TUNED!

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