ATTENTION all Marvel fans who have gotten their first glimpse of Luke Cage in Jessica Jones last November, Luke Cage is “about sick of always having to buy new clothes.”

What you will find below is the first teaser for Marvel’s Luke Cage, the third series the studio is making in partnership with Netflix, Luke Cage is being shot at by multiple men. Of course, considering they can’t pierce his skin, the bullets ricochet all over the boxing gym they’re situated in.

That’s when Cage, played by Mike Colter, announces that he’s sick of having to buy new clothes. There isn’t much else to the teaser, but it does confirm Colter’s previous statement that Luke Cage would be available to stream on Netflix as of Sept. 30. The character was introduced to comic book readers in 1972 and eventually teamed up with Iron Fist, another character that will be getting his own series on Netflix, in Power Man and Iron Fist.

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