If you’re hungry for fun and family, and you haven’t tried Bob’s Burgers, then you are really missing a treat. I was lucky enough to sit down with Creator Loren Bouchard, and a few cast members, at WonderCon. And they served up wit and camaraderie with a side of dedication to their craft. The show is recorded like a play, with the vocal cast together, which helps maintain that loving family feeling. Kristen Schaal brings the character of Louise Belcher to life. She’s the little girl with the bunny ears. And don’t expect her to ditch that hat any time soon. When she’s ready to move on and put that hat away, that will be the end of the series. And John Roberts and Dan Mintz play mother and daughter. John has been mimicking his Mother since he was a kid, and is happy to share that voice with the world as Linda Belcher. While Dan original sought to play a little boy, but as the show developed, Tina Belcher was born. Rounding out the eclectic cast of characters is Larry Murphy. He plays the hilarious Uncle Teddy, a voice he developed doing stand-up comedy. And together, with the entire cast, they deliver a grounded family comedy that serves up a lot of chutzpah and heart.


Coming up on their 100th episode, the series is still deliciously witty. You can look forward to an episode where a character gets stuck on the toilet, while in another upcoming episode, a character goes on the hunt to commandeer a neighbor’s bounce house. The writers continue to deliver the goods, which is why Bob’s Burgers is still a fan favorite. The line to get into the hall to see the Bob’s Burgers panel overflowed into an adjacent room. And though not everyone was able to get in, that didn’t abate his or her hunger for the show. And for those who did make it into the panel, they weren’t disappointed. Loren and the cast sang, laughed, joked, and even signed a Bob’s Burgers cookbook. One fan even presenter Kristen and Dan with hand-made dolls of their characters, Louise and Tina. And for that, Kristen Schaal crawled over the table and gave her a big hug. If you missed Bob’s Burgers at WonderCon, remember that you can watch all the giddy goodness on FOX, Sundays at their new time: 8:30/7:30c…

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