ARROW Recap: “The Canary Silenced”

I’m not too happy with Arrow right now, so this recap is going to be very short. They killed the Black Canary in tonight’s episode, but not after jerking us around a bit first. Darhk stabbed Canary, but the Doctor at the Hospital tells the team that she’s going to be fine. Then after she confesses that she never stopped loving Oliver, she convulses and dies. What the heck? Well here’s how it all went down: The ugly totem that Damian Darhk got his powers from that was smashed by Vixen a few episodes ago, gets pieced back together by Team Arrow. It makes no sense. Why not scatter the pieces so Darhk’s powers are lost forever? And it’s secured in the Arrow Cave, which is not all that secure. Then, pretty much as expected, Merlin breaks in the Arrow Cave and steals the totem. Then, with Andy Diggle’s help, he gets it back to Darhk and he gets his powers back and kills Black Canary. It’s to punish Captain Lance for his betrayal. The news devastates him, of course. And yes, Andy Diggle betrayed his brother’s trust, so now Diggle feels responsible as well. So expect rage and revenge in the near future.

But is this really the end of Black Canary? We really don’t know. This is Arrow after all, and the dead have a way of coming back. In the hospital, when Oliver and Laurel are alone, she tells him something. But we don’t know what is said because they shift to the rest of team out in the hall.   Then the next thing you know the doctors rush into the room, and Laurel is convulsing. But wait, the Doctor said she was going to be fine! Oliver claims not to know what happened, and then she dies. So what went down in that room? I guess we’ll find out. And on The Flash, it’s already been confirmed that we’ll see the Earth 2 version of Black Canary, alias The Black Siren, also played by Katie Cassidy. So, will she make it to Star City? And what about Sara Lance, the original Black Canary? There are a lot of unanswered questions. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

SIDE NOTE: In the ridiculous Flashback, we see that Oliver knew about Darhk’s totem, in fact, he helped find it on the island years ago. But for some unknown reason he’s just telling the team the story now. He supposedly had all this info on the dangerous totem, but kept it to himself. That makes him the worst leader ever! Note to the rulers of the Arrow-verse; I know you’re trying to tie everything together, but it’s not working. It’s making Oliver look like an idiot.    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mourn the loss of one of my favorite comic book characters…

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