Supergirl Recap: “Myriad”

This is part one of a two-part story. But is next week the season finale, or the series finale? CBS hasn’t given ‘Supergirl’ an official renewal yet, though the producers seem pretty sure that they’ll get one. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Though, for the record, the ratings haven’t been stellar. Things began to look promising last week, because of the ratings boost the show got because of the Flash Crossover. But this week, for this episode, the ratings dropped. The Flash fans that tuned in to see their scarlet speedster didn’t stuck around. If the show were on the CW, a second season renewal would be a slam-dunk. But CBS shows usually draw higher numbers, so who knows what CBS has in mind. I’ll keep you posted either way.

We learned last week that Myriad had been activated by Non and Indigo. It’s a mind control system that only affects humans. And we soon find out that because Superman was raised on Earth, as a human, he’s susceptible to Myriad as well. We see him, from a distance, as he flies in to help Supergirl. But he is instantly affected and lands, becoming one of the mindless masses. So we don’t really ever see him up close and personal. The only unaffected people in National City are Supergirl, Maxwell Lord, and Cat Grant. Lord created earpiece tech that cancels out the effect, and he secretly installed that same tech in Cat Grant’s earrings. Yeah, you heard me right; it’s in her earrings. He gave them to her as a flirtatious gift, and luckily she chose to wear them the day of the attack. That’s the kind of groan-worthy storytelling I hope a season two renewal will eliminate. He didn’t give the tech to any of his research and development people, or anyone else he may have been working with him on the Kryptonian threat. But he hid it in Cat Grant’s earrings. What a lame way to crowbar her into the episode.

Here’s something else that was rather disturbing about this episode. Non shows up, and to show his dominance, he has James, Winn, and a Woman, leap from the building. They are falling to their deaths. So Supergirl snags James in one arm and Winn in the other. And with her hands full, she watches the poor Woman slam into the pavement. She’s dead! Supergirl saved her friends and let the poor woman die. That feels less than heroic to me. She didn’t even try to save her. Winn’s a small dude. Couldn’t she have at least tried to snag the Woman as well. SHE’S SUPERGIRL AND SHE CAN’T CARRY THREE PEOPLE! In the pilot she stopped an entire plane from crashing. I guess it’s a good thing for those people that her sister Alex was on board. Otherwise she might not have bothered.

Now that Non and Indigo control everyone in National City, their next move is to control everyone on Earth. But, just to be clear, they’re doing it for our own good. Non and Astra developed Myriad to save the earth. They plan on turning everyone into mindless drones so they can use their combined brain-power to solve Earth’s problems; like war, world hunger, and climate control. I guess living individual lives is a luxury they feel we can no longer afford. So what are our heroes doing to stop them? Well Supergirl isn’t doing anything. But Maxwell Lord has a plan. He has a kryptonite bomb that Supergirl can set off over the city. It will kill off the Kryptonians, and about an 8th of the population. (She’d have time to save herself and Superman)  And while Maxwell Lord thinks that’s an acceptable consequence, if Myriad is stopped, Cat and Supergirl disagree.  But it’s really not up to them, because the president of the United States approves the plan, though thousands of innocent people will die.  YIKESS!!!!!!!

Alex and Hank are on the run from the military. It’s a good thing Alex can put on a wig, and Hank can transform into a little boy. I thought the military knew that Hank was a shape-shifter. Anyway, with the government hot on their heels, they make it to the one place where nobody would think to look for them; Alex’s Mom’s house. It’s the house where Alex and Kara grew up. NOBODY thinks to stake out that place. These D.E.O. agents have got some smarts. So Alex’s Mom tells them about the goings on in National City and they call Kara. She tells them to stay away. But Hank is determined to go back and help. Myriad won’t work on his alien mind. At least that’s a good idea, until Alex pressures him into taking her along. Her logic is that he can use his mental powers to shield her mind from Myriad. Wait a minute; shouldn’t he be using all his powers to fight the bad guys? Isn’t that like texting and trying to drive?

Alex and Hank, ala The Martian Manhunter, fly back to National City. And shielding Alex’s mind becomes a distraction. Especially when Indigo attacks them. She’s ruthless, and stabs Hank terminator-style. Then she easily captures Alex and flies her back to the evil lair. Is the Martina Manhunter dead? I don’t think so, but it does look that way. Non wants to kill Alex, the same way she killed his wife Astra. But Indigo has a better plan.

Supergirl rejects Maxwell Lord’s plan. She chooses to use ‘hope’ to snap people out of Myriad’s trance. With Cat’s help, they are going to broadcast a message of hope to all the people of National City. What that message is, we don’t know yet. But hey, if Cat and Supergirl came up with the plan, it must be a winner, because ‘Hope’ cures everything. Oh wait, it doesn’t. But at least it’s worth a try. But before they can send out their message, Supergirl has another battle to fight. Alex is in an armored kryptonite suit and she’s under Myriad’s control. Her new objective is to kill Supergirl. So now it’s Sister vs Sister, with the fate of the world in the balance. STAY TUNED….


SIDE NOTE: We also find out that D.E.O. has a super-powered alien woman under lock and key. Her name is Maxima, and she’s from the comic book world. It’s an Easter Egg for DC comic fans. She’s a warrior princess who came to Earth to marry Earth’s champion, Superman. But he just wasn’t into it. … And for the record; I do want Supergirl to get a second season, warts and all. It deserves a chance to find its wings.

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