This season it’s been all about the villains. They introduced, Firefly, Mister Freeze, and The Riddler. So what’s next? What about some of Batman’s more exotic villains? Well Pinewood Farms is the code name of a bioengineering project started by Thomas Wayne, with good intent. But Wayne’s friend and associate, Hugo Strange, corrupted it. And now they perform genetic experiments on human subjects, making them monstrous abominations. But did Hugo Strange put a hit out on Thomas Wayne when he attempted to shut down the project? That becomes a working theory by the end of this episode. And by season’s end I think we may see more enhanced individuals from Pinewood Farm. Maybe we’ll see the likes of Clayface, Man-Bat, or the Super-soldier Azrael. But I kid. You won’t have to wait; we meet one of the villains by the end of this episode.

Barbara Kean is back! And she claims to be rehabilitated, but Jim’s not buying it. She’s been a very bad girl and Jim’s not ready to kiss and make up. That’s why Barbra has to show him that she’s sane now, by helping him, even if he doesn’t want her help. Jim’s on the hunt. He’s trying to find the person who arranged the hit on Thomas Wayne. But his only lead leads him to Artemis, a woman’s only club. There’s no way inside. He has a gun, but so does the bouncer. That’s where Barbara comes in. Unbeknownst to Jim, she followed him to the club. And she goes inside, promising to get the information. But, as always, Barbra betrays Jim and almost gets him killed. Though this time, Barbara only betrayed Jim to get the info he requested. And she saves him before he eats a bullet. The man that Jim is looking for never gave his real name, but he goes by the code name; The Philosopher.

Lucius Fox is decrypting info on Thomas Wayne’s computer that might lead to his killer. But Bruce doesn’t want to wait around. So Bruce finds a woman’s name on his dad’s calendar and he leaps into action. And with Alfred in tow, they track down the woman named Karen. She’s in hiding, and she has a dinosaur-like claw for a hand, thanks to Pinewood Farms. So she’s understandably a little bitter and reluctant to help them. But Bruce convinces her to take them to Pinewood Farms, promising that she won’t get hurt. (How in the world can he promise this? And the answer is he can’t. That’s why I hate Bruce. His selfish arrogance is annoying and it gets people killed) But I digress. Karen takes Bruce to the old empty warehouse where Pinewood used to be, but it’s been shut down for years. They get attacked. Karen uses her dino-hand to kill an attacker. Then the police come and they all get arrested. Harvey and Jim bail Bruce and Alfred out of the slammer, but Karen is being sent back to prison. That’s where she was before Hugo Strange recruited her for Pinewood.

Jim comes up with a plan to rescue Karen, because Bruce promised she’d be safe. And she can I.D The Philosopher. Jim, Alfred, and Bruce hi-jack the prison transport she’s in. It’s a good plan. Until the new and improved Mister Freeze shows up. He’s got a bulletproof new cold-suit and his freeze gun. He was sent by Hugo Strange to shut Karen up. So he freezes her solid, and then smashes her. She’s dead. And here’s what’s really silly. Before Karen gets iced, Jim and Alfred fire at Mister Freeze. And though Mister Freeze’s suit is bulletproof, it has no helmet. So Jim and Alfred should have stopped firing at the suit and went for a head shot. That would have ended him. Lesson learned guys.

Back at stately Wayne manor, Bruce is all weepy because he made Karen a promise he couldn’t keep. Plus, now they’ll never know who The Philosopher is. Oh wait, Lucius Fox shows up with a group photo from Pinewood that has names, including nicknames, of the initial staff. And standing right next to Thomas Wayne is Hugo Strange with his nickname spelled out. He is the philosopher.   Good going Bruce. If the kid hadn’t insisted that Karen take him to Pinewood, after guaranteeing her safety, she’d still be alive. They could have just questioned her and let her remain hidden. But no,  Bruce is a pushy little bugger, who had to have his way.  Even though he had no way of following through with his guarantee.   Karen was a victim, and a good person that Thomas Wayne went to great lengths to protect. And now she’s dead. And the info they wanted is just handed to them at the end of the show.  Good going Bruce. STAY TUNED!!!!!

SIDE NOTE: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Hugo Strange and Miss Peabody succeed! For the first time they’ve actually brought a dead man back to life. It’s Theo Galavan! But now he’s crazed and super strong. And he calls himself AZRAEL!

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