The Flash got his speed back, and he’s back on the job. At least that’s what Team Flash wants the citizens of Central City to believe. Through holograms and visual trickery, they are able to fight crime, using the image of the Flash. And at first their new tactics appear to be working, until Zoom shows up. That’s when everything goes to heck in a hand-basket. Barry needs to regain his super speed. But they only way that’s even possible, is to recreate the particle accelerator explosion and a lightening strike. He’d be risking his life, and if the explosion isn’t properly contained, he’d be risking the lives of everyone in the city. So he’s got to weigh the options carefully. That’s why he brings Henry, his biological father, back to town. He needs some parental advice. Of course Henry tells him he shouldn’t risk it, because it’s too dangerous. While Harry Wells tells him he needs to risk it because Zoom is too dangerous. And Joe is on the fence, not sure of what the right call is. But ultimately, the final decision is Barry’s.


Zoom is back, and his first stop is the Central City Police Department. He quickly asserts his dominance, proclaiming that he’s in charge now. His initial intent is to kill them all, as a show of force, but Caitlin’s pleading stops him. Zoom doesn’t want to be alone, so he drags Caitlin along with him, against her will. And though she says that they will never be a couple. He assures her that she has the same darkness in her that Killer Frost had, and that she’ll change her mind, eventually. Let’s hope not. So the police are forced to evacuate the station, and set up a satellite command post at Jitters. That’s seems to be the only other spot in Central City, besides Star Labs and Joe West’s house. I know, because of budgetary reasons, they have to use the same locations over and over again. But how many times can they repurpose Jitters? Iris doesn’t even work there any more.

And what about Iris? She finally tells Barry how she feels about him. And understandably he’s a little caught off guard. Last year when he told her he loved her, she pretty much told him to pump the brakes. She was in love with Eddie. But now that he’s dead, she’s ready to move on. And she thinks she may be ready to move on with Barry. But is it too late? Barry doesn’t say anything when she expresses these new feelings, looking like a deer caught in headlights. But my prediction is that he’ll eventually come around, probably by the season finale.

And what about Cisco? He has a defining moment with his estranged brother Dante. They reunite when Cisco vibes a vision of Dante. And he initiates a meeting to make sure he’s all right. He is, and he’s cold and distant. Which is the norm for their strained relationship. But it wasn’t Dante that Cisco saw in his vision. It was his Earth-2 meta-human counterpart named Rupture. And Rupture is on Earth-1 looking to kill Cisco. That’s a bummer. Cisco and Dante barely escape with their lives. Rupture thinks Cisco killed Reverb, his brother. Because that’s what Zoom told him, instead of confessing that he did the deed himself. Now Cisco has to come clean to Dante about being a meta-human, and his trip to Earth-2. Which works out for the better. Because almost dying brings the two brothers closer together, and will hopefully resolve their sibling rivalry. I mean if Rupture and Reverb got along, and they’re evil. Why can’t Cisco and Dante?

Caitlin is handcuffed in the deserted police station, but manages to find a cellular phone that’s stashed in a box of evidence under a nearby desk. She hears Zoom tell Rupture to go to Jitters and kill the police officers. So Caitlin is able to get Team Flash the message. But Barry still isn’t sure about trying to get his speed back. That’s why they attempt to stop Rupture using holographic trickery, and it works. But Zoom don’t play that. He shows up, when the news cameras are rolling, and kills everyone, except Joe, the Captain, and Barry. He even kills Rupture.  Letting the world know that Zoom is large and in charge, and there’s no one to stop him.

That’s when Barry decides to risk it all to try to get his speed back. So Harry Wells straps him into a Frankenstein-like device, triggers a lightening strike, and simulates the particle accelerator explosion. The resulting force is too powerful though, and Barry disintegrates. He’s gone, presumed dead, and his suit is burnt and shredded. STAY TUNED!!!!

SIDE NOTE: The energy of the blast was not fully contained, and it washes over Jesse and Wally, knocking them out. (I predicted this last week – I am doing my happy dance)… In the comics, both Wally West and Jesse are speedsters. Wally West is Kid Flash, and Jesse is Jesse Quick. So don’t be surprised if, when they wake up, they both have super speed. But will their speed last? The show is called The Flash, not The Flashes. Will there be three speedsters in Central City next season? Only time will tell. But as far as speed goes, the original Flash was always faster than Wally West or Jesse Quick. So I guess he’d always be top dog.

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