Gotham is always changing. Is it a police drama, or a gangster tale, a campy 60’s style television show, or a science fiction horror story? You tune in each week and you’re never sure what you’re going to get. Well this week it was more Frankenstein than Felony, with a dash of 1960 ridiculousness mixed in. Fish Mooney is alive again, even though she’s been dead for months. They did it with Theo Galavan, so why not crank up the juice on dead Fish, cross her DNA with that of a Cuttlefish, and see what happens. And not only is she alive, she’s got a new hair-do and a sleek new outfit that makes her look like an aquatic dominatrix. And if that isn’t loopy enough, she’s also got a new super power. She can touch people and make them do her bidding. ‘Holy harebrained plot devices Batman! Who thought that made sense?’

And Fish isn’t the only one to get a DNA makeover. Hugo Strange reanimates another dead corpse and crosses that poor devil’s DNA with the DNA of an Octopus. And it makes the guy’s skin all stretchy, like clay. So I’m assuming that he’s the new Clayface. And for those who don’t know, Clayface is a classic villain from the comics that can stretch and mold his skin, allowing him to impersonate anyone. And by the end of the episode this guy, with the help of Hugo Strange, masters the Jim Gordon look very convincingly. So now Gotham’s got; Clayface, who can mold himself into anyone. Firefly is the fireproof femme fatale with a blowtorch. Icy Mister Freeze has his freeze ray. And Fish Mooney, who has her same over-the-top attitude, and the ability to bend people to her will with just a touch. That’s a pretty impressive rogues gallery, even if you don’t count the non-enhanced villains like; Penguin, Riddler, and Butch… And Azrael got himself blown up, but who knows if that means he’s gone for good.

Last week Selina broke into Arkham and got caught. Now she’s trapped in the secret basement with her delusional friend Bridget, also-known-as Firefly. Bridget thinks she’s the Goddess of fire, because that’s what Hugo Strange wants her to believe. And Selina saves herself from a fiery death by pledging to be Firefly’s servant. Because everybody knows that a Goddess needs a faithful follower. So now Selina is bidding her time, waiting for Bruce to save her. After all, he was the one who sent her to Arkham in the first place, despite the obvious danger. So is Bruce on the way? Yes he is. Bratty Bruce Wayne, Angry Jim Gordon, and tagalong Lucius Fox have a plan to infiltrate Arkham and save Selina. It’s not a good plan though, because they are all caught pretty easily before they even get close to Cat-girl.

And here’s where they embrace the comic book camp. Instead of killing Bruce and Lucius, Hugo Strange allows Ed Nygma to play with them. Nygma wants to know what they know. So Nygma, lets just call him The Riddler, traps Bruce and Lucius in an airtight cell and threatens to pipe in poisonous gas if they don’t talk. And cackling like a cartoon crony, The Riddler gives them five minutes to decide what they want to do. He sets a timer! Wow, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that next week they either get rescued or escape before the timer runs out. So tune in next week, same Bat-time, and same Bat-channel.

And as for Jim Gordon, they need him to facilitate Clayface’s transformation. Hugo Strange has Jim strapped to a chair. And after gloating, like all villains do, they put a metal bucket-like device on Jim’s head. Then they pour a milk-ish substance into the bucket. It doesn’t hurt Jim. But then they take off the bucket and put it on Clayface’s head. They turn a few knobs on the bucket, and when they take if off Clayface, he looks just like Jim Gordon, albeit a bald Jim Gordon. Luckily, Hugo Strange happened to have a Jim Gordon wig lying around for just such an occasion. They put the hair-piece on Clayface and now you can’t tell the two men apart. Clayface can also mimic Jim’s voice. He just can, don’t question it!  And they need another Jim because Harvey is about to invade Arkham with an army of officers. He’s looking for Jim, Bruce and Lucius. STAY TUNED!!!!!!

SIDE NOTE: We see Hugo Strange answer to one of his bosses, someone in an Owl Mask. It’s a reference to The Court of Owls.  In Batman comics, The Court of Owls is a centuries old secret organization, with immense power and influence, that is embedded into almost every aspect of Gotham City. They are a big deal. And I’m guessing they will be the big threat in season three.


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