As you may or may not know, the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Blu-ray comes with 30 minutes of new footage, along with a ton of extras.  It will also be rated “R”!  It’s the Director’s cut, and I can’t wait to see it.  Now, while I did like the movie, it did seem to be missing elements of the story, along with joy and hope.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that this new extended version corrects those mistakes.  And most importantly, this alleged ‘Man of Steel’ sequel was missing the Man of Steel.  Superman/Clark only had 42 lines of dialogue in the film.  But now in the trailer, we get to see glimpses of Superman in action; we see him stopping a missile in Africa, and there’s a cool scene of him flying off after the Washington bombing.  We see more of Lois and Clark being reporters.  So Superman appears to be back in this Superman movie. And we see Jenna Malone’s character, though who she is, still isn’t clear.   And more importantly,the trailer feels brighter, and a little more hopeful.  Check it out!


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