Can’t believe it’s already been a week. It went by in a *Flash 😉   Grab your red speedos and suit up as Chris, Serg and I sit down to discuss Flash vs. Billy Numerous.


Listen as we recap and breakdown each Flash episode while adding some humor and a bit of nerdy insight. My name is George from TRC Productions and we’ve teamed up with Nerd Report to bring you some great podcasts to keep you entertained whether you’re pushing through a long day at work or battling traffic as you commute. We’ve brought our library over and we’ll get you caught up as we gear up for season 3 of The Flash.

With help from Cisco, Barry begins using his abilities to stop minor crimes and help citizens across the city. As Barry begins to push himself more and more, he begins to develop debilitating side effects. While assisting Iris on a school assignment, Barry witnesses a robbery by a crew of men, but faints while trying to stop them. The S.T.A.R. Labs team determine that Barry is becoming hypoglycemic from the use of his abilities due to a sped-up metabolism and needs to ingest more calories to maintain his energy level. The team eventually learns that the robbers are actually one man, Danton Black, who has the ability to create clones of himself. Black wants to kill his former employer, Simon Stagg, who stole Black’s cloning research. With encouragement from Joe, Barry goes after Black and successfully stops him from killing Stagg. However, Black commits suicide to prevent being captured. Afterward, Barry accepts Joe’s help in finding out who really killed Barry’s mother. Later, Wells visits Stagg, who has already become obsessed with the Flash after witnessing his powers and plans to exploit him as he did to Black. To protect Barry, Wells kills Stagg.

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