Well here it is, the first look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.  As you already know, Superman will appear on the CW series “Supergirl” this season.  And my first reaction to seeing the suit is; “It’s Okay.”  I’m not blown away by it, but I’m not disappointed either.  I like the bright yellow field surrounding the ‘S’ on the chest emblem.  And I also like the way the cape comes over the shoulder.  But the cape itself looks plastic or vinyl, as does the clunky belt and boots.  If you look at Superman and Supergirl together though, it works, and that’s what matters.  My only problem going forward is his height.  Jimmy Olsen is going to tower over him, which will be weird.  Having a Jimmy Olsen that is taller and more muscular than Superman is going to be a unique dynamic.  Let’s just hope they can make it work.  So next, how about a look at his version of Clark Kent….


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