Wally West does don the Kid Flash suit in at least the first episode of the new season.  Barry Allen warped reality when he went back in time to prevent his Mother’s murder.  So the first new episode of the third season is named “Flashpoint”, and it deals with the new reality that Barry creates.  And in that reality, Wally is a speedster.  Whether he remains that way when, or if, reality is restored to normal is unknown.  So lets take a quick look at his new suit.  It pretty much matches the design from the comics, which is great for us die-hard fans.  But it seems to made of the vinyl or leather material that the show’s designer’s like to use, which makes it look ill-fitted and awkward. Lets hope thay make some costume adjustments if they move foreword with Kid Flash past the first episode… And in case you missed it, here’s the Comic-Con preview for ‘Flashpoint’ which gives you a glimpse of all the  changes Barry caused…

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