supergirl-melissa-benoist-costumeSupergirl is back, and she’s on a different network. The show made the heroic leap, rather effortlessly, from CBS to the CW. But there have been a few changes. Maxwell Lord and Lucy Lane have gone missing, possibly dropped for good.  The D.E.O. has moved from a dark cave to a brightly lit skyscraper. Winn moves from Catco to the D.E.O.. Jimmy and Kara aren’t as head-over-heels as they used to be. And cousin SUPERMAN comes by for a visit. Last season, on CBS, we only saw vague glimpses of the Man Of Steel. And in one embarrassing episode we only saw his boots. But he appears here as both Superman and Clark Kent. Portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin, Superman doesn’t have the gravitas that he should, but he does smile, and that’s a plus. And he’s perfect as the bumbling but charismatic Clark Kent. While Kara and Clark totally click as cousins, Hank and Superman have some bad blood between them, adding necessary drama. And it sort of explains why Superman didn’t pay a visit to the D.E.O. last season.

Now for the Easter Eggs, and there were a lot of them. The show gives long-term Superman fans a lot of knowing nods to past TV shows and films. And I’ll list the ones I caught here: In the comics and on the TV show ‘Lois and Clark’, Superman’s first big save was a commercial Space Shuttle. And it’s the same in this episode of Supergirl. Cat grant has a mad crush on Clark Kent, like the character in ‘Lois and Clark.’ Which explains why she never had nice things to say about Lois Lane. Cat’s new assistant’s name is Miss Tessmacher, named after a character from ‘Superman The Movie’. And Cat bellows the name ala Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. In tonight’s episode, we’re introduced to Lena Luthor, Lex’s adopted sister. And we learn that Lex is in prison serving 32 consecutive life sentences for causing an earthquake in California. Which is what Gene Hackman’s Luthor did in ‘Superman The Movie.’ Lena also uses the phrase, “Flying is the safest way to travel.” And in “Superman the Movie” that’s what superman told Lois after saving her from a crashing helicopter. And coincidentally, or not, Supergirl saves Lena Luthor from a crashing helicopter. YIKES! There were a lot of Easter Eggs in tonight’s episode, and I loved them all. We even found out that Perry White still says ‘Great Caesar’s Ghost.’ And Lois and Clark are still a couple. He drops the ‘I love you’ bomb when she calls to check up on him.

And what about the story? Well, this was mostly a re-building episode. Supergirl and Superman save the commercial space shuttle from crashing. Then Kara and Clark try to find out who sabotaged the shuttle. At first they think it’s Lena Luthor, who mysteriously missed the shuttle, though she had a seat on the inaugural flight. But they soon learn the Lena isn’t the villain, she’s the victim. Someone is trying to kill her. Lena claims that she’s nothing like her super-villain brother, and just wants to re-brand LexCorp and start over. She’s calling it L-Corp now. And of course she’s located in National City, Supergirl’s hood.   But who hired the top assassin named John Corbin to kill Lena? It was her brother Lex, who reached out from prison. He’s such a baddie. But Supergirl and Superman thwart the evil scheme. Alex and Corbin duke it out, because she’s a badass too. But it’s Lena who deals the deathblow, shooting Corbin several times in the back. And now everyone thinks Lena is legit! But is she? Clark writes a story for the Daily Planet, giving her props. But I wonder if it was all a ploy by Lena. Did she set-up the failed hits and blame it on her imprisoned brother?

By the end of the episode, the only person with a bigger hole in his chest then John Corbin is James Olsen. At the end of last season, James and Kara seemed destined to be the next super couple. But by the end of this episode, Kara tells him she’s had a change of heart, and banishes him to the ‘friend zone’. Which, I hear, is worse than the Phantom Zone. Kara decides to be a reporter, like Clark, and has moved on, leaving James with his heart ripped out, metaphorically.  Now I bet he’s sorry he dumped hot Lucy Lane. And what about Superman? Well, he’s hanging around for another episode to spend some quality family time with Kara, who actually remembers Krypton and his parents. They can talk about old times back on their home world. And the super cousins can also deal with John Corbin, who isn’t dead. A mysterious woman from Project Cadmus has him, and she’s using strange, and possibly alien tech, to save his life. And in the process, she turns him into a kryptonite-fused super-assassin named ‘Metallo’. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: Hank and superman are at odds because of Operation Emerald. Hank and Superman worked together at the D.E.O. years ago, and found kryptonite for the first time. Superman wanted to destroy all of it. But Hank disagreed and kept it around, to fight any Kryptonian threats. That’s why Superman left the D.E.O. It’s the only substance that can kill Superman and Supergirl, and he thinks Hank made a dangerous decision…

Also! Staying true to the CW, the guy inside the Kryptonian pod that crashed was a handsome hunk of a super-guy, in a comma. And they even manage to show him shirtless, though he remains unconscious the entire episode. Now, they don’t know anything about him, but I do. His name is Mon-el, and he’s from a planet that’s Krypton-adjacent. Maybe he’ll be Kara’s next love interest. Sorry James, you just weren’t super enough….

And speaking of super, how about a new Superman TV series? Lets make that happen!!

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