flash-rundown-logo-nrLast week, Barry changed the timeline and got everything he thought he wanted. But when things went south, he tried to change things back to the way they were. Learning the hard way that when it comes to the Universe, there’s no such thing as a quick fix. In this new timeline; Joe and Iris are not speaking. Cisco is bitter because of his brother Dante’s senseless death. Caitlin has frost powers, but she’s keeping that on the down-low. Wally is no longer Kid Flash. Captain Singh is back at the Central City Police Department. And Barry’s new partner at work, a fellow CSI Officer named Julian Albert, hates him.   What’s a speedster supposed to do now? And where were those spooky Time Wraiths that supposedly guard the timeline so this kind of thing doesn’t happen? In the finale, last season, they wraiths dragged Zoom into some hellish underworld. But when Barry mucks up time they are nowhere to be seen.  Come on writers/producers, how about a little consistency.

Well the negative changes to the timeline frustrate Barry, so he runs to Star City to talk to his friend Felicity. She’s a joy in every situation that doesn’t involve ‘Ollicity.’ And she’s an impartial ear, since she’s removed from the whole altered timeline situation. Or is she? Felicity advises Barry to go back and work things out with his friends, but the two quickly discover that things at Team Arrow were also affected by Barry’s time jump.   In this timeline, Diggle has a son, not a daughter. And that might just be the tip of the iceberg.  Who knows what else might have been changed. We’ll just have to watch Arrow to find out.  Though, is this how they bring back Black Canary? (It’s already been confirmed by the Producers that somehow she’s coming back.)

Barry runs back to Central City, and he tries to unify the team by tricking them into coming to Joe’s house for dinner. His plan is that they’ll eat, talk, and eventually hug it out. But things quickly go way wrong when everyone realizes what Barry is up to. No one likes to be lied to and forced into an intervention. Though we do discover why melancholy Cisco is so pissed at Barry. In this timeline, When Cisco’s brother died, he asked Barry to go back in time and save him. But Barry declined. Now Cisco is living in grudge-city 24-7. And he’s going to grief counseling at the local WMCA-like gym. Iris is mad at Joe because he lied to her about her Mother’s death, denying her the opportunity to know the woman before she actually died for real. Now this happened in the original timeline as well, but for some reason she didn’t take the news as badly there as she does here. Oh, and the villainous speedster, Edward Clariss, is pissed at Barry too. The new masked bad guy, known as ‘Alchemy’, restores Clariss’ powers and his memory of the other timeline. The one where The Flash beat him and then Joe shot him in the back, killing him. That’s enough to upset anyone, isn’t it?

And so what does Barry do? He speeds back through time to try and alter things again. Though I don’t know what the plan is, his Mother is already dead. Luckily for the whole Universe, Jay Garrett, The Flash of Earth-3, played by John Wesley Shipp, stops Barry in 1998. This is the version of The Flash that looks like his dead Dad. And pseudo-Dad slaps Barry upside the head with words of wisdom. Telling him that they are not gods, and that Barry needs to move forward through adversity, and stop looking for do-overs. When he ruptured the timeline, in his grief, he damaged it, and it will never be exactly the same again. So Barry goes forward to the present, the year 2016, and comes clean to Team Flash about what’s happened. News they are not too happy to hear.

While Team Flash mulls over what’s happened with the timeline. The Flash fights The Rival, Edward Clariss, and pretty much gets the snot knocked out of him. But The Rival isn’t alone this time, Alchemy is with him. And Alchemy has a mysterious power of his own. And he tells The Flash that he can unleash a person’s potential. That’s how he was able to give Clariss his speed back. And before The Rival can kill The Flash, like he wants to do, Alchemy reveals part of his master plan.  He’s preparing the world for something, but he doesn’t say what.  Though it will probably be something bad. And as The Rival prepares to harpoon The Flash through the heart, Vibe shows up. Cisco has been developing gloves that harness his vibration abilities, and Vibe knocks The Rival for a loop. Then both Vibe and Flash team up and defeat the bad speedster. And Clariss ends up in a meta-human jail, his powers nullified. Then Alchemy shows up in Clariss’ cell, unhappy that Clariss failed.   And he chokes Clariss out, probably killing him. Alchemy don’t play.

Happy ending time:  Everyone on Team Flash decide to forgive Barry, though they don’t want him to tell what they were like in the other timeline. Iris forgives Joe, and they actually do hug it out. And Cisco cheers up a bit, becoming more like his old self. Though he does acknowledge that getting back for him is going to take some time. And everyone leaves a little cheerier, except Caitlin. That’s when we discover that she has frost powers, like her evil Earth-2 doppelganger, Killer Frost.   STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Alchemy is still out there, so expect to see him again soon… And will he restore Wally’s potential, making him Kid Flash again?

Barry’s new Office nemesis, Julian Albert, hates Barry because he doesn’t trust him. Which is fair. Barry has to lie to Julian to protect his secret identity… (Tom Felton plays Julian. He played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films)…

Kevin Smith is directing an upcoming episode entitle, Killer Frost. So we won’t have to wait too long to find out how that story arch plays out.

And for all you hopeless romantics, like me, Barry and Iris remain together. And they share another kiss. Hopefully this one won’t be erased from the timeline, like the other two instances they kissed…


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