All the DC Superhero shows have premiered.  So how are the ratings out of the gate?  To be honest, they are a little low.  So more of you super fans need to start watching TV.  Ratings are what the networks use to gage how a show is performing, so they can set their commercial rates accordingly.  Now this is a business after all, so those pesky commercials you endure are paying for being a part of the show.  That’s how you get to see the shows for free.

I don’t think any of the shows are in any danger of being cancelled, but here’s the breakdown so far, in order .  And remember, every show, except Gotham, has only aired their premier episode.

The Show:     –                Rating/  Share (Adults: 18-49)      –   Viewers (Millions)

  1. The Flash  (CW)          1.1 / 4                                                  2.80
  2. Gotham    (FOX)          1.1 / 3                                                  3.42
  3. Supergirl   (CW)           1.1/ 3                                                   3.06
  4. Arrow  (CW)                 0.7/ 3                                                   1.94
  5. Legends  (CW)             0.6/ 2                                                   1.82                                                   

And just to compare:

Agents of Shield (ABC)          0.9/3                                                      2.68

Supernatural  (CW)                0.8/ 3                                                      2.15

No Tomorrow  (CW)              0.2/ 1                                                       0.76

So Arrow and Legends definitely need to up their game. But I think, and hope, that as the season unfolds, all the rating numbers will increase.  And I’ll keep an eye on them for you, and bring you updates as needed.  Long live DC TV!  STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: These numbers don’t take into account all you DVR-it-and-watch-later people.  And that counts as well.

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