There is no meta-human villain this week, but there is a Godzilla-sized monster walking the streets. Actually, it looks more like the monster from the film ‘Cloverfield’. And the good citizens of Central City are terrified! Julian, Barry’s nemesis at work, is no help. And to prove what a CSI tool he is, he rats out Barry to Captain Singh. It seems Barry breaks a few rules when he’s trying to do his job, AND be The Flash. But Singh won’t shoot Barry down for being tardy and elusive at times, as long as he does his job. And that infuriates Julian, who throws a bit of a hissy fit, because Barry seems to be everyone’s favorite. But what about that big monster terrorizing the city? Well, when The Flash goes after the monster it vanishes, and no one knows why. The Flash is baffled. Team Flash is baffled. Julian is baffled. And the police are, you guessed it, baffled as well.

This looks like a job for H.R., the new Harrison Wells. But we come to find out that H.R. is a bit of a fraud. He’s a novelist, not a scientist. And he came to this world to write a new book, not right wrongs. And while this Harrison Wells isn’t a super scientist, he is an idea man, and that skill proves to be useful to the team. So they allow him to stick around for a few weeks to prove his worth. And it’s a good thing too, because Caitlin is gone. She went to see her cold analytical Mother, in hopes of a reconnection and some answers. They are estranged, and surprise, her Mom is also a scientist. But after running a series of tests on Caitlin’s frost powers, Mother doesn’t know much more than what Caitlin already knew. And when Mom’s assistant Nigel, goes all mad-scientist on Caitlin, trying to make a name for himself.  All heck breaks loose.  Then Caitlin, cornered, starts to go Killer Frost on bad Nigel. But Mom shows up, in the nick-of-time, and calms her down, finally ditching her own cold exterior and showing a little compassion.

Julian, begrudgingly allows Barry to tag along as he tries to figure out the whole disappearing monster thing. But The Flash has his own ideas about the monster. Cisco and H.R. developed a super strong metal rope that The Flash is going to tie the monster down with. And oh yeah, Joe and the police are going to try and shoot the beast. But when the monster does show up, and Barry attempts to put his plan into action, the steel rope passes right through it. The monster is a hologram. So when the police fire at the monster, the bullets pass right through, threatening innocent onlookers. Luckily The Flash is faster than a speeding bullet. Meanwhile, Julian finds the guy he thinks is controlling an actual monster. And when he doesn’t stop what he’s doing, Julian fires his own gun. But this big bad is only a computer savvy kid. So when The Flash arrives, catching the bullet, he saves Julian from making a pretty big mistake.

The Kid developed the hologram because he was picked on at school, and always afraid. And he wanted to be the one causing the fear. So Joe has a fatherly talk with him, but still takes him into custody to face the music. And back at the office, Julian is emotionally distraught because he almost killed a kid. And he finally opens up to Barry about his own fears. Since meta-humans have come on the scene, science has been turned on it’s ear, leaving Julian feeling unsure and left behind. So, in a way, he feels like the Kid felt. That’s why he always lashed out against meta-humans, because putting on that fake bravado gave the illusion of being brave.   Now, feeling a little broken, he’s ready to accept Barry’s help, and his friendship. Then in true Bro-mance fashion, they go out for a drink. And as for Caitlin, she returns to Star Labs and gets a message from her Mother. If she keeps using her Killer Frost powers, she won’t be able to come back from it. So does that mean she’s destined to become this Earth’s Killer Frost?  STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Barry moves in with Cisco, until he can find his own place. But why couldn’t he just stay at Joe’s until he finds a place.  And now they are the super-powered Odd Couple…  And Captain Singh was back!  Wasn’t he supposed to be getting married?  Maybe they’ll finally give him the character arch he deserves…. And next week, it looks like Wally West may be becoming Kid Flash again, at least in his dreams. But isn’t that where Alchemy strikes, in your dreams? We’ll just have to wait and see.



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