This is mainly a James Gordon episode, and that’s fine by me. We start off with Jim at Valarie Vale’s bedside. Remember, she was shot by the Mad Hatter when James told him to shoot Lee and NOT Vale. Jarvis Tetch was trying to hurt James by shooting the woman he loved. So when James fingered Lee, he shot Vale instead, because he figured that James wanted Vale alive because he loved her. WRONG! And Valarie Vale is smart enough to know what really happened. James told him to shoot Lee because he knew Tetch would do the opposite. So by picking Lee, he saved her, and sacrificed Vale. That kind of sucks when you’re the one that gets shot in the chest. And though Vale didn’t die, their relationship sure did. Now Lee is a pretty smart cookie too, and she also knows what James Gordon did for her. And I give her credit for being honest with her fiancé Mario, though isn’t happy to hear that James still loves Lee.

And speaking of weird love triangles; remember that Penguin loves Ed, but Ed loves Isabel, his Miss Kringle look alike. And Isabel apparently loves Ed, though she’s only known him for twelve hours.   Mayor Cobblepot is in love with someone who’s in love with someone else. And being the Penguin, he intends to do something about it. So he goes to the library, where Isabel works, and tries to torpedo her relationship with Ed Nygma. He tells her about his stint at Arkham for killing Miss Kringle, her doppelganger. And while that news does freak her out, she doesn’t let it disrupt their relationship. So Isabel and Ed are still together by episode’s end. Though knowing Penguin, Isabel might not be long for this world.

Meanwhile, The Mad Hatter gives James Gordon a dose of a hallucinogen named The Red Queen, which leads to madness and death. And this is why this is such a James Gordon episode. We get to see inside James’ subconscious, and guess who’s giving the guided tour. It’s none other than former flame, Barbara Keane. She’s the elevator operator in James’ head that’s taking him down to the depths of his very soul.   Maybe James isn’t as over her as he’d like to believe. Anyway! Our first stop on this magical mystery tour explores James’ hopes and desires. That’s where we see his ideal life with Lee and their two kids. And even though he’s happy in that imagined reality, it’s taken away from him. A reminder that the things he sees aren’t real, they are drug induced. Then Barbara takes him to the ground floor, and this is where things get good. James finds himself in the car with his Father, who I assume is dead. And James tries to explain to his Father about his new life as a bounty hunter, but Dad’s not impressed. He thinks James has lost his way. He’s forgotten the Gordon family motto. It’s inscribed inside his Dad’s ring. But before his Father can just say what it is, James is pulled out of the coma he’s in by Mario. And that’s a good thing.  The Red Queen drug was actually about to kill. But James finds the ring, and inscribed inside are the words; “While we breathe we shall defend.” Then inspired, James decides to become a Cop again.  Harvey will be so pleased.

The Mad Hatter is seeking revenge on Gotham’s leaders now. I guess trying to kill James Gordon isn’t enough. So he steals his sister’s corpse, drains the blood out of it. You know, like good brothers do. Then he crashes the prestigious Founders dinner, and tries to get Penguin and the City’s leaders to drink her blood. But Captain Barnes and the GCPD arrive in time to stop The Hatter and finally catch him. But not before Jervis Tetch discovers that Captain Barnes has been infected, and is beginning to show signs of the rage and madness. STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: What’s up with this Miss Kringle look-a-like?  Nothing in Gotham is ever a coincidence.  So is she a clone, or the vengeful sister of the Murdered Miss Kringle?  Only time will tell….And   Catherine, the stoic lady from the League of Owls meets Mayor Cobblepot at the Founders dinner. It seems they’ve had an eye on him for a while. But they aren’t ready to make contact just yet… And James Gordon’s Dad’s ring is the same ring that members of the League of Owls wear. So does that mean that Papa Gordon was a member of the League of Owls? If so, that quote takes on a whole new meaning. “While we breathe we shall defend.”

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