In the move from CBS to the CW, someone lost the box marked ‘Good Storytelling.’ Just like last week, there’s so much ‘stuff’ crammed into the episode, nothing is given the time to shine. And a lot of things are just mishandled and/or don’t make sense. For example, Kara gets Mon-el a job at Catco as an intern, but doesn’t bother to teach him anything about working in an office. He doesn’t even know what a phone is, or how it works. He’s from another planet, how about giving him a head’s up on how things work Kara? You are supposed to be his mentor! And in true CW form, they’ve sexualized the Mon-el Character. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, since they managed to show him shirtless in the first two episodes, even though he was in a coma. And on Mon-el’s first day on the job, Kara walks in on him getting busy with a co-worker in the copy room, their clothes barely on. (I thought this was a family show) And we also find out that he doesn’t know what ‘protection’ is. The woman is asking about a condom, but he thinks she means a sword. Wow, what a sitcom moment. I guess that’s what the show is now.

And speaking of sitcom moments, Lena Luthor invites both Kara and Supergirl to her big gala, and Kara doesn’t know what to do. She’s supposed to be in two places at once. So her big idea is to have Winn, accidentally/on purpose, spill champagne on Lena, so while Lena’s distracted Kara can super-speed away, and Supergirl can fly in. BUT, there were other party guests around who could have easily seen what was happening. What about that? Last year, when she had to be in two places at once, to fool Cat Grant, Hank did her a solid. He’s a shape-shifter, and he showed up as Supergirl, while Kara was also on hand. Problem solved. But I guess no one remembered that episode and they decided to go with a more slap-stick approach.

And now James wants to be a superhero too. I guess running a corporation isn’t fulfilling enough. He says he’s tired of being a sidekick. Newsflash James, you were never a sidekick! Robin is Batman’s sidekick, speedy is Green Arrow’s sidekick, and Wonder Woman had Wonder Girl. Sidekicks fought crime with their mentors. You just took pictures! So James isn’t a sidekick, he’s just got hero-envy. And now his thing is jumping out of the shadows and hitting the bad guys with a metal bat, or pipe. And he’s not even good at it. His first time out he totally gets a beat-down, and the thugs use their alien weapon to bring a multi-level building down on top of him. But luckily, James is able to escape, and warn all the people on the ground floor to clear out before the building falls down. Which it does. But what about everyone on the upper floors? Did he just get them killed? Who cares, because James is determined to be a super hero, and gets Winn to design a better suit for him. So, sorry folks, better luck in the next life.

And what about those low-level thugs with the high tech alien weapons? Where did they get them? They were gifts from Lady Cadmus of course. You know, the nameless head of Project Cadmus that’s trying to save the world from the Alien menace. (That’s Supergirl and Superman, and all other off-world types) She gave the thugs the weapons so that they can wreck Havoc on Supergirl and National City. I guess to show that all things alien are bad. And to fuel the anti-alien sentiment that appears to be spreading, thanks to Cadmus!   And remember that Cadmus supposedly kidnapped Alex’s Father. Where is he? And why isn’t anyone looking for him anymore? Last season on CBS, finding him was priority. But here on the CW, it’s more of an after-thought. And we finally know who Lady Cadmus is, and it’s a big twist. She’s a Luthor. That’s right, she’s Lena & Lex Luthor’s Mom. Earlier in the episode, she explains to one of her thugs that she’s waging war against the alien invasion to save the world for her kids. Which kind of makes sense, since Superman is Lex Luthor’s arch enemy. No wonder she’s so anti-alien. The most popular alien on the planet just put her son in prison. Though I’d still like to call her Lady Cadmus.

What about Cadmus? They send a video message to the residents of National City pointing out how dangerous aliens and alien weapons can be. That was Cadmus’ master plan all along. And where is Alex and the DEO? Well Winn is trying to find the thugs by tracking the alien weapons. And Alex is trying to figure out her sexuality. She’s crushing hard on Maggie Sawyer, but she is reluctant to acknowledge those feelings. Now this storyline is one that shouldn’t be rushed, it should feel organic. But last week Maggie had a girlfriend, and this week she’s been dumped. So now Alex is obviously hitting on her. Alex calls it compassion due to her situation, ala being dumped.  But Maggie is a smart cookie and cuts to the chase, asking if Alex is Gay. Alex, startled by her frank question,  denies it and exits in a huff. But by episode’s end she does circle back to Maggie. And though she doesn’t say the words, she does admit that there may be some truth to what Maggie was saying. So a lot happened in this one episode that might have been better served as a character arch that spanned a few episodes. But lets wait and see how it all turns out.

How does it end? The thugs attack Lena Luthor’s gala. Supergirl and Mon-el try to stop them, but end up getting shot by the alien weapons. Why didn’t Supergirl use her super speed to avoid getting shot? I don’t know. She should have been able to disarm the three bozos before they squeezed off a second round. But I guess she didn’t think of that. Luckily, having the gala, and putting all the party guests in grave danger, was all part of Lena Luthor’s plan. She created a devise to defeat the alien weapons. And with Winn’s help, she’s able to destroy them before they can destroy Supergirl. So now Lena’s a hero. But is she really? If her Mom is the head of Cadmus, what’s her connection? STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Mon-el doesn’t know how to answer a phone, but he does know how to waltz. He dances with Kara at the gala, before everything goes down. And it’s obvious that he’s being groomed as her next love interest. But before that happens, look for more CW inappropriateness…. And even though Winn is designing James’ new superhero suit, I guess he’s the Cisco of this world, James won’t tell what his new superhero name is. But I will, It’s Guardian!!…. And a Cyborg-Superman shows up in a future episode, probably created by Cadmus.  Will this new villain be Alex’s dad, played by Dean Cain? (Dean Cain played Superman on the series; Lois & Clark)

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