Jim Gordon is a cop again, Harvey is drinking on the job again, and all seems right with the world. Well it is, if you overlook the fact that Captain Barnes is off on a maniacal killing spree. But it’s not as dire as it sounds. He’s only killing bad guys. And he’s keeping his murderous after-hour activities on the down-low. If you recall, a few weeks ago Barnes looked up at the wrong moment and took a drop of dead Alice’s blood in the eye. And that isn’t good because contact with Alice’s blood sends innocent folks into a murderous rage. And it gives them semi-super strength. That’s how Barnes was able to pull the head off his first villainous victim. The guy was an underworld cleaner. He disposes of the bodies that the bad guys give him. He pretty much cuts them up and dissolves them in acid. But he’s not the one who kills them. So does he deserve the gruesome beheading? He didn’t think so.

And speaking of killing and killers, Edward Nygma, who will some day be The Riddler, killed his beloved Miss Kringle. And now that he’s in love with Isabel, her doppelganger, Ed’s afraid he might do the same to her. Ain’t love grand? So what’s a psychopath to do? It seems that the most honorable thing to do is break up with Isabel, before he breaks her neck. But Ed isn’t man enough to do it himself, so he asks if his best bud Mayor Cobblepot will do it for him. Remember that The Penguin is in love with Ed too, though he hasn’t professed it. And he’s also a ruthless killer; so sending him to deliver bad news isn’t the wisest choice. Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, happily tells Isabel to stay away from his man. But she’s not having it, and that’s bad decision on her part. She dresses up like the dead Miss Kringle and convinces Ed that he would never do to her what he did to Kringle. Ed agrees, and their love connection is back on track. UNTIL, Oswald has one of his cronies cut the brake line on her car. Which plows right into an oncoming train. So she’s most likely dead. But they didn’t show a body so you never know. This is Gotham after all. People don’t always die when they should, and sometimes, when they do die, they come back to life.

But the man Captain Barnes decapitated isn’t coming back to life any time soon. That’s why Jim and Harvey are conducting a murder investigation. And Captain Barnes isn’t done yet either. The cleaner wasn’t a killer, so that means that someone else is, and Barnes intends to find out who, or whom. So after an overly bloody shakedown of a local thug, he finds the doctor that’s been doing the deadly deed. The guy is a plastic surgeon. And he’s been slicing off the faces of helpless victims so that he can graft them onto underworld baddies, thus giving them a new identity. And of course the face donors have to die after their faces have been peeled off. And that’s why the doctor needed to employ a cleaner. It’s just the price of doing business. So when Captain Barnes walks in on the Doctor, as he’s about to remove a young lady’s face, the blood lust takes over. But Barnes stops short of killing Doc Death, regaining control. He is a cop after all. So he frees the girl and arrests the guy. Just like a good cop should.

Now that should be the end of it, but it isn’t. After all, we know that Gotham is pretty corrupt. The Penguin is the Mayor. Need I say more? At Lee and Mario’s engagement party, the one being thrown by his father Carmine Falcone, someone unexpected shows up. It’s Barbara Keane. You know, she’s Jim Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, and she’s also the person who kidnapped and almost killed Lee. But she’s not really there to do any harm; Barbara’s just crazy like that. And she leaves before Lee can have her thrown out. BUT, the evil plastic surgeon shows up. He has connections in high places, and secured a release. See, Gotham is pretty corrupt. He was caught performing a face-transplant on a kidnapped girl, AND there was another dead person’s face in a jar at the crime scene. They should have been able to arrest him and throw the key away. Am I right? But Captain Barnes is also at the party. And when he sees the Doc sipping champagne with the rich and infamous, it makes his tainted blood boil. So Barnes follows the Doc into the bathroom and slams him through the brick wall. And since they are on an upper floor, he falls and lands atop a car, a pretty mangled mess.  Captain Barnes is now Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  Which, if you think about it, is too long a name.  Maybe he should just call himself ‘The Punisher’. Oh! Is that name taken?

Jim and Harvey arrive at the party looking for the Doctor. Jim plans on putting the entitled sycophant back behind bars. But Harvey can’t find Doc Death, though he does find the open bar. And naturally he obtains a drink. Jim didn’t go with Harvey because Mario wanted to have a private talk with Jim. You see, he’s jealous-angry because Jim saved Lee from getting shot. Remember Valerie Vale took the bullet, which is why Jim and Vale are no longer dating. So what did Mario want Jim to do? Did he want The Hatter to shoot Lee? Anyway, Mario warns Jim to stay away from Lee, and seals the deal with a haymaker to the jaw. Which Jim takes without retaliation, because Jim is cool like that. But as Jim leaves the building, he sees the Doctor’s mangled body on top of the car it landed on. And surprise, the Doctor has enough life left in him to finger his killer, Captain Barnes.   STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Harvey must not have searched the party very well if he didn’t see that body-sized hole in the Men’s Room wall. Because if he did find the hole and look down, he would have seen the Doc’s body atop the car. I guess he found the bar before he finished the search. That’s our Harvey!!

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