THE FLASH Recap: Frost Bite

The big news is that Julian, the colossal pain in the butt,  is Alchemy. I knew there was something off about that guy, and not just his bad attitude. But Alchemy’s not the big mastermind everyone thinks he is. In fact, Alchemy appears to be more of an unwilling lackey. Seems like Savitar, The God Of Speed, is controlling him, maybe even subconsciously. Remember last week, when Savitar grabbed Barry, after Wally was cocooned in some kind of black goo. Well this week’s episode picks up right there. Savitar is metallic, and looks like a mini-Transformer, but Barry is the only one that can see him. Joe’s tries to shoot the entity, but without a visual reference, he’s pretty much firing blind. A few stray bullets do strike Savitar though, but they don’t take him down. Instead, Savitar speeds off, dragging Barry along like a rag-doll. And then, when Savitar’s done showing Barry how fast he is, he almost kills him. Luckily, Cisco and Caitlin arrive just in the nick of time. Cisco used his power to open a breech to Savitar’s location. Then Caitlin uses her frost power to freeze him. And that halts Savitar’s attack, but it doesn’t stop Savitar, who makes a super fast escape. So is Savitar really the speed God he claims to be? Good question.

Team Flash regroups at Star Labs, and they bring Wally’s cocoon with them. Joe wants to crack it open to save Wally. But the big brains aren’t sure if that’s a good idea. Something is happening to Wally and they don’t want to crack the thing open mid cycle. Wally may come out half butterfly or something. But what about Caitlin? Her Mom said that if she used her frost powers she might not come back from it. And sure enough, by saving Barry’s bacon, Caitlin becomes a frosty witch and kidnaps Julian. And the irony of the abduction is that she kidnaps him so that he can help her find Alchemy. And he is Alchemy, though no one knows that. The Team tracks Caitlin down, and The Flash speeds over to talk her into letting Julian go. But Frosty Caitlin is not in a reasoning mood. She wants to find Alchemy so that he can take her powers away. And she’s none too happy, because she blames Barry, and Flashpoint, for cursing her with frost powers in the first place. In fact, she’s so brutally bitter, she tells Cisco and everyone listening that Barry is responsible for the death of Dante, Cisco’s brother. Before Flashpoint, Dante was alive and well. But when Barry warped reality, to initially save his Mom, Dante died in a pointless car crash. Ouch! The truth hurts! And so does the ice shard that Caitlin creates and shoves into Barry’s leg. It temporarily cripples him so she can get away.

Barry returns to Star Labs, where he receives a very cold reception from Cisco. And though Cisco is angry, he’s willing to bury that anger for now so they can save Caitlin. So, while Barry recovers, H.G. helps the team find their girl Caitlin, and Cisco goes after her as Vibe. Frost and Vibe battle, and Barry manages to super hobble in to try and save the day. But Caitlin catches him and lays a cold kiss on him that almost freezes him solid. (The kiss is Killer Frost’s M.O.) But while Caitlin’s distracted, Vibe takes her out with one of his vibration blasts. And voila, Caitlin gets locked up in the pipeline. (Note: I won’t call her ‘Killer’ Frost until she actually kills someone) Meanwhile Joe, being a distraught Dad, decides to trust his gut feeling and he cuts Wally out of the cocoon. Which explodes. And now Wally is free, and a speedster, but he’s also a bit of a zombie. And they need Caitlin to figure out why.

Barry puts it all on the line, releasing Frosty Caitlin. But he won’t let her go free and he won’t fight her. To escape Star Labs, she’ll have to prove she’s really Killer Frost by killing Barry Allen.   Because that’s what bad guys do, they kill their friends. And though the cold darkness in her heart wants her to kill Barry, she can’t bring herself to do it. Because she’s Caitlin, she’s not Killer Frost. So the Caitlin we know and love fights her way back. And she finds a way to help Wally’s mind sync up with his new powers. So now Wally’s back to normal, AND he’s Kid Flash. I wonder if Cisco will make him the same suit. But what about Julian? Caitlin kidnapped Julian and he can have her locked away for that. But Barry and Julian make a deal; Julian won’t report what happened to the CCPD, if Barry quits his CSI position. And he does to save Caitlin. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Barry asks Cisco for forgiveness. You know, for the whole dead brother thing. But Cisco’s not sure he can forgive. Though Iris brings up some good points. The car accident could have happened regardless of Flashpoint. And Caitlin was hit with Dark matter when the Particle Accelerator exploded, so Flashpoint may not be the cause of her powers either. Both things could have happened in the other reality too… And next week is the big four-part crossover event. So don’t miss it. It starts Monday, on Supergirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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