Gassss Blu-ray Review

GassssThis is a weird movie that Roger Corman made in 1970, so it’s basically still a ‘60s art movie. I try to see all the classics and that includes America’s most prolific independent filmmaker so Gassss on Blu-ray was a doozy.

A gas skills anyone over 25 so the kids party. And this is basically still the hippie ’60s so they dance around and smoke pot. There are a lot of abstract cuts and montages, psychedelic lighting interludes, and extreme closeups of faces, rape played for laughs. It was exploitation.

You never know how a film this rough is going to look in HD but Gassss has a good transfer to see all this craziness in HD. The bright ’60s color shines through in the  green grass on campus, brick buildings, costumes and crazy colored lights. You see the film grain but it’s sharp and crisp. Big scenes of partying, rioting, cheering give you lots of detail to see in HD.