Tonight was the rather weak beginning of the 4-show crossover event. Barry and Cisco appear during the last minute of the show, asking Kara for help. And the episode ends before they can even explain why they need her. But on the bright side, the episode itself was pretty good. We find out rather quickly what the ‘Medusa Project’ is, as Lillian Luthor puts it into play almost immediately. It’s a virus, developed on Krypton as a bio-weapon, which will kill all aliens. Lillian has Robo-Hank test it out in the alien speakeasy, the one that Mon-el frequents. He uses an aerosol-device to flood the bar with the virus, and all the aliens die almost instantly, leaving the humans alive and well. Mon-el confronts Robo-Hank, but can’t stop him, getting a pretty thorough beat-down. And to add insult to injury, the virus also infects Mon-el. But because Daxamites are similar to Krytonians, Mon-el doesn’t die right away, but he is dying. Though here’s what I don’t understand; if the virus was created to kill all non-Kryptonians, why are humans immune? On Krypton, human beings would have been considered aliens. Anyway…. And I won’t call Robo-Hank Cyborg-Superperman, because it sounds silly, especially when Robo-Hank refers to himself that way.

About that killer Medusa virus; Luckily, Eliza is in town for thanksgiving. Eliza is a top-notch scientist, and she’s Alex’s Mom and Kara’s adopted Mom. She’s recruited by Alex to help the DEO develop a cure for Medusa, which would be a good thing for Mon-el. Meanwhile, Supergirl flies to the Fortress of Solitude and discovers that Robo-Hank used her blood to fool the security droid and gain access to the computer system. He also reprogramed the droid, which is why it attacks Supergirl. But a blast of heat vision ends that fight pretty quick. (I wonder if cousin Superman is going to be mad about the destruction of his A.I.) Then Supergirl manages to download all the info on Project Medusa and take it back to Eliza. But here’s the rub; Supergirl finds out from a hologram of her Dad, that he developed the killer bug. Which is disheartening for Kara, because she never thought her father would create something so despicable, even if it was engineered to defend Krypton from possible alien attack. (And speaking of fathers; Poor Jeremiah Danvers isn’t even mentioned this episode.)

The real Hank Henshaw has more to worry about than the alien virus. The transfusion he received from M’gann, to save his life, is turning him into a monstrous White Martian. He confides in Supergirl, but asks her to keep it a secret. He doesn’t want Eliza’s help just yet, because she’s already working hard to find a Medusa cure. Mon-el is getting worse, and is practically knocking on death’s door. And he may be delirious, but he manages to summon enough gumption to kiss Kara and call her beautiful. But then Mon-el passes out again, leaving Kara a little perplexed. Because earlier, before the virus kicked in, she asked if he had feelings for her, and Mon-el claimed that he did not. (But we all know he does.) And what about Lena Luthor? Does she know where her Mom is, and what she’s up to? Supergirl goes to find out, asking Lena if she’ll help find her Mom, and Cadmus. But Lena is offended, defending her Mom, and she kicks Supergirl out of her office. Then Lena calls her mother, who shows up rather quickly. Cadmus must be pretty close to L-Corp. And Lillian pretty readily admits that she loves Lex more than she loves Lena, and that she is continuing his questionable pursuits, via Cadmus.

Lena Luthor gives her Mom the element, developed at L-corp,  she needs to unleash the Medusa virus on National City. Then Lena and Lillian Luthor go down to the docks to activate project Medusa, and kill all the aliens. It’s kind of a Mother-Daughter bonding moment. Lillian thinks she’s providing a service to all of mankind, and Lena seems to be on board with that. It’s the ‘Let’s keep the human race human’ philosophy. But Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter arrive to stop them, though it may be too late. Lena launches a missile containing the Medusa virus, and Supergirl flies after it, while the Martian Manhunter tries to coral the two larcenous ladies. But Lillian Luthor came prepared. She brought Robo-Hank along as muscle, just in case she needs backup, and she does. So Robo-Hank and Hank battle, pretty evenly matched, until Hank morphs into a monstrous White Martian and puts Robo-Hank down and out. Talk about turning a weakness into strength. And Supergirl catches the missile, but it explodes, releasing the killer virus over National City. Yikes!!! But surprise, the virus has been rendered inert, and doesn’t kill anyone. Lena Luthor pulled a daughter double-cross, saving the day. And Lena also called in the police to take her Mom into custody.

Lena Luthor may not be evil after all. She may even become a Cat Grant-like mentor for Kara. But what about the lovable Daxamite, Mon-el? He doesn’t die, thanks to the cure Eliza finally came up with. AND, she’s able to modify the virus to kill the White Martian cells that have been replicating in Hank’s body, making him a 100% Green Martian again. So thanks to Eliza and Lena, it’s a happy ending for everyone. And if you’re wondering about the Mon-el/Kara kiss, Mon-el doesn’t remember it. Or that’s what he lets Kara believe. I think he does remember, but he’s not ready to pursue a romance because of his past. In the next scene, out in space, we see a space ship trying to track down the Kryptonian pod. And the masked aliens on board are determined to find Mon-el. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Alex is very nervous about coming out to her Mom. But Eliza is an intelligent and supportive woman. The news doesn’t disturb or shock her, and Eliza lets Alex know that she loves her for who she is… Maggie admits to Alex that she actually does like her, even though she initially said she didn’t. And they kiss and make up…. Kara is a little discombobulated by Mon-el’s kiss, and she’s a bit hurt that he doesn’t remember it. So at some point, those two will probably come together…. I wonder how James will feel about that. Will jealousy turn him to the dark side?   He was pretty much absent the entire episode… And will Hank let M’gann go, so that they can hug it out? I hope so. M’gann is in a DEO prison for pretty much just being a White Martian. She didn’t do anything. And isn’t there another White Martian in custody? They caught one last season. So will that be acknowledged? Time will tell.


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