Wow! The episode was AMAZING! Aliens crash-land in Central City. And we find out from Lyla, head of Argo and Diggle’s wife, that they’ve been here before. The aliens are called the ‘Dominators’, and they landed on Earth about fifty years ago, wrecked havoc, and then just took off. And now they’re back. Lyla tells Barry and Team Flash to stand down, the government’s got this, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Barry immediately enlists the help of Team Arrow, The Legends, and Supergirl. He met Kara, aka Supergirl, last year and she owes him a favor. Cisco uses his vibe power to open a breech to Supergirl’s Earth, which is classified as Earth 38, and they bring her back. And this all happens within the first fifteen minuets. The episode was a fast-paced joyride. Personalities clashed a bit, but everyone was on the same page, and the battle at the end was epic.

The Legend newbies, Vixen and Citizen Steel, were sidelined, but everyone else was invited to the party. And Wally West just crashes, uninvited, when he’s needed most. But his youthful exuberance almost gets him killed. Showing that he’s still got a lot to learn before he’s a true hero. The Dominators say they come in peace, but their actions say otherwise. They kidnap the President of The United States, killing his security detail, so their motives are definitely hostile. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice: I always wanted to say that, and the reference is valid. Because the blended ‘Superfriends’ are meeting at a Star Labs facility that looks exactly like the ‘Hall of Justice’ from the classic animated series. How’s that for an Easter Egg? Anyway, Cisco forces Barry to tell everyone about Flashpoint, and how he’s changed their personal realities. And they are not happy to hear that, especially The Legends, who have been fighting to preserve the timeline for the past few months. And when the call comes in to save the President, the group is fractured. Barry and Oliver stay behind, while the rest go on the mission.

Using The President as bait, the Dominators lure the group into a trap. And they use a mind-control generator to, you guessed it, control their minds. So now Oliver and Barry are the only heroes unaffected, and they have to fight the rest of their friends, including Supergirl. And it’s unclear if The President was teleported away, or killed. But I guess we’ll find out later. So the heroes clash, and it is an epic battle you’ve got to check out. And when Barry is down, and almost killed, Wally West super speeds in to save him. Joe and Iris had been keeping Wally out of the conflict, because of his inexperience. And that was indeed his undoing. After the save, Wally stops to self-congratulate, and gets knocked for a loop by Supergirl.   Then Barry lures Supergirl away, and Oliver tries to get unconscious Wally to safety with Sara, Diggle and Thea in hot pursuit. (White Canary, Spartan, and Speedy)

Cisco and Felicity discover where the mind-control generator is, and Barry races there, with Supergirl chasing him and using heat vision blasts to try and take him down. But Barry makes it to the location, with Supergirl hot on his heels. Then, when she launches toward him, Barry vibrates, and she passes right through him. Crashing into the generator at full speed, and destroying it. And with no mind-control devise, there is no mind control. So everyone snaps out of their murderous trance just in time, Oliver was out of arrows. The Superfriends realize that Barry saved the day,  putting aside their Flashpoint anger, and once again agree to work as a team, with Barry as their leader. Good news, right? But before they can regroup at Star Labs, half the team is beamed up to the alien ship. STAY TUNED!!!! (But you won’t have to wait long; because the story continues tonight, on Arrow)

LAST WORDS: Professor Stein has been having memory flashes of a woman. And he finds out that he has a grown daughter now. But don’t blame Flashpoint just yet. Stein has interacted with his younger self in the past, twice, so he may be responsible for altering his own future… And Barry and Oliver go to the secret room in Star Labs that the Reverse Flash created. And they look at the projection of the future newspaper article written by Iris West-Allen. But now, after Flashpoint, we see that someone else has written the article. So is this a bad omen for Barry and Iris? I hope we don’t have to wait forty years to find out.

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