‘You can’t serve two masters.’ That’s an old saying that really rings true here. Either this episode is act two of the Invasion saga, or a nostalgic nod to the show’s 100th episode. And unfortunately for Arrow, they tried to do both, totally stalling the momentum last night’s episode of The Flash created. Remember that Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Sarah, and Diggle were beamed up to the alien Mothership at the end of last night’s episode. Well they wake up in a world where Oliver never got shipwrecked on the island, and he never became Green Arrow. Oliver’s about to marry Laurel, his parents are alive, and all seems right with the world. Until Oliver and his Dad are robbed at gunpoint, and a hooded archer swings in to save them. It’s Diggle. And Captain Lance calls him The Hood. This triggers a memory, and Oliver’s perfect new world begins to unravel. And pretty soon all the others began to remember their old lives too.

Meanwhile, back in the Arrow Cave; Team Arrow, with Cisco’s help, do their best to understand the Dominator’s language, so they can find Oliver and the other missing colleagues. And Supergirl and Flash help capture a meta-human, proving to Wild Dog that people with powers aren’t all bad. And back on the alien ship, Oliver and the gang free themselves from their new world, leaving Laurel at the alter. They find themselves on an alien ship, in space. So they hijack an alien ship, that they can’t fly, and take off. Almost killing themselves of course, but the Wave Rider swoops in to save them. The Wave Rider is the time/space ship that The Legends travel around in. But now the alien Mothership is headed directly for earth. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: If this recap seems short and disappointing, then it appropriately mirrors my feelings after watching the show. They totally blew it, after a near perfect start last night. Lets just hope that saga ends well on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow… And while it was great to see Laurel again in the altered reality, we still don’t know how they plan to resurrect the real one.

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