The Gotham mid-season finale came and went, and so did poor Mario. He wasn’t right for Lee, and everyone knew it, except Lee. Though I give Lee, and the show, a lot of credit for not emotionally flip-flopping. James Gordon pushed her away when she needed him most and she moved on. She fell in love with Mario, and agreed to marry him. And she did, fully planning on honoring her vows and putting her past feelings for James Gordon behind her. But then James Gordon shows up at their honeymoon villa and shoots Mario right in front of her. So now Lee is a widow, less than 24 hours after she said, “I do.” Poor Lee! At the end of last season she lost her baby, and now she’s lost a husband. How long will it be before she loses her mind?

I’m betting that next time we see Lee, James Gordon will have a lot of explaining to do. And Lee won’t be in a listening mood. But that won’t be Gordon’s biggest conflict. Because he promised Mario’s father, Crime-Boss Carmine Falcone, that he’d bring Mario back alive. And Now Mario’s dead. You see, Jim was jealous, but that’s not why he went after Mario, and then killed him. Jim found out that Mario was indeed infected with Alice’s blood, the same blood virus that turned Captain Barnes into a psycho killer. So Gordon goes after Mario to save Lee. Mario was the real green-eyed monster. He was jealous of Lee and Gordon’s past love, and the virus in his blood was making him kill-crazy. Mario was actually about to stab Lee in the back when Jim fired that fatal shot. But Lee didn’t see the threat, and the knife in Mario’s hand falls into the lake when Mario dies. So there goes any corroborating evidence. And Carmine Falcone only told James Gordon where to find the happy couple, after James promised to help Mario, by bringing him back alive. So now James Gordon is up crap creek without a paddle.

And that’s not the only love triangle that ended badly. Remember that Penguin is in Love with Ed Nygma, but Ed was in love with Isabella. So Penguin kills Isabella, so that he and Ed can be together, and he lets Ed believe that it was Butch that killed his ladylove. But Barbara Keane finds out about Penguin’s plan, and she’s ready and willing to spill the beans so that Nygma will turn on the Penguin, killing him. That way, she can step in as the new crime boss. But when Barbara tells Ed the truth about Isabella’s death, he doesn’t want to believe it. He likes Mayor Cobblepot, aka The Penguin. And has no idea that Penguin’s heart wants to move beyond the friend zone. But he also knows now, after cutting off Tabitha’s hand, that Butch didn’t kill Isabella. (They reattached her hand, though she needs physical therapy) So Ed Nygma tricks the Penguin into revealing his true feelings. And he’s shocked when he discovers that Barbara was actually telling the truth for once. Penguin is in love with him. Ergo, the Penguin did kill Isabella. So what now? Subterfuge! Ed Nygma pretends to remain Mayor Penguin’s best friend, though in reality he’s plotting against him with Barbara, Butch, and Tabitha.   STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Bruce, Alfred and Selina break into the Court Of Owl’s secure facility, way too easily, and steal a crystal owl. Alfred kills the Court’s Ninja assassin, with an assist from a strange woman, who turns out to be Selina’s mother. And they get away with the artifact that supposedly has the power to bring down the court. This storyline is like a bad Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery. But I guess they have to give Bruce Wayne something to do.

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