Last episode, M’gann told Hank that the White Martians are coming after her for her war crimes, i.e. saving green Martians. And guess what? They’re here, determined to take M’gann back so she can face the music. Which I’m sure is weird harp-heavy Martian music, but I digress. They are going to kill her!  A White Martian drops in on M’gann and Hank, literally, and they have to fight for their lives. Hank transforms into his Martian Manhunter self, while M’gann also transforms into a Green Martian. Remember that she is, in reality, a White Martian. So we finally get to see Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian in action together, and they are impressive. (Though their heads do look a lot like the nut inside a pistachio.)   They fight off the White Martian with Supergirl’s help, and for a moment, all is right with the world.  Oh, and the White Martian that tries to kill them is M’gann’s husband, or mate, however things work in the White Martian culture. And that’s kind of a burn on Hank, since he later admits to having feelings for M’gann.

And speaking of feelings; what about the feelings Mon-el confessed he had for Kara? She made it pretty clear last episode that those feelings weren’t mutual. So why then does she come to his place of employment, the bar, to make what was already painfully clear, clearer? If Mon-el didn’t feel bad enough about how things went before, Kara’s unintentional verbal emasculation leaves him running for the hills. Or at least retreating to the other end of the bar so he doesn’t have to deal with her. And Kara’s also on the outs with Winn and James, who used to be her best friends. Kara’s so controlling this season she can’t get over the fact that they want to do their own superhero thing, against her wishes. And she totally won’t support them. Even though James and Winn totally supported Kara when she came out of the superhero closet. Now I don’t like the whole Guardian storyline, but Kara’s attitude towards her friends makes it that much worse. And now that Alex, her last emotional crutch, is in a relationship with Maggie, Supergirl is feeling a bit lonely. So by episodes end, Kara goes back to Mon-el to revisit that squashed relational possibility. But Mon-el has moved on with Miss Tessmacher, Cat Grant’s secretary. He got caught fiddling with her in the copy room earlier this season. But this time they’re keeping their clothes on and going on a lunch date. Sorry Supergirl, no friends for you!

And about the pesky White Martian, that’s also M’gann’s former husband/mate; What’s his deal? Well he strolls into the D.E.O. looking like M’gann, intent on destroying the place, and everyone inside. Remember that Martians are shape-shifters and can look like anyone. But when the real M’gann shows up, the White Martian’s cover is blown and Hank seals the D.E.O. to trap it. But during a battle between Hank and the beast, the lights go out, and when they come back on the beast is gone. He’s shape-shifted into someone, but they don’t know who.   And it could be anyone. So, after a bout of paranoia, they flush out the beast using fire, every Martian’s weakness. It’s Winn! Which is cool, because Supergirl and the gang attack Winn, and he has the power to fight back. It’s definitely different seeing a badass version of Winn, even if he is a White Martian in disguise.   The White Martian escapes, and that’s when they discover that the beast, acting as Winn, triggered a bomb in the building that only the real Winn is smart enough to shut down. Now that’s irony.

They’ve only got a few minutes to find the real Winn before the building, and a good part of the city, is toast. So they break into groups to find him. Hank and M’gann go one way and Supergirl and Alex go another way. And of course, during this stressful situation, both groups still have the time to talk about their feelings. This is when Hank tells M’gann he has feeling for her, and Supergirl tells Alex that she’s feeling a little disconnected because of Alex’s new relationship. But the twist is that there are two White Martians, and Alex isn’t Alex. So, as Hank and M’gann find and free the real Alex and Winn, Supergirl and Martian-Alex are battling it out. But Hank and M’gann can’t help her because they find the first White Martian and begin a battle of their own. And while all this is going on, the real Winn is trying to disarm the bomb. Needless to say, things get complicated. But Winn disarms the bomb. Supergirl beats Martian-Alex, with a little help from the real Alex. And M’gann kills her White Martian hubby to save Hank. Now if that isn’t alien love, I don’t know what is.

But love isn’t always enough. M’gann is heading back to Mars to help other White Martian rebels, and further the cause. And even though she may be killed if she’s caught, M’gann thinks it’s the right thing to do. So she says adios to Hank, and M’gann beams up to the Mother ship and takes off for Mars. Leaving Hank feeling a bit melancholy. Because despite finding a new love, he’s once again the only Martian on planet Earth. STAY TUNED!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: My guess is that by the time Mon-el and Kara work out their relational woes, the aliens tracking Mon-el will arrive to throw an intergalactic monkey wrench into their plans… And now we know that Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) will be on the show this season. But we don’t know if they’ll appear together, or who’ll they’ll play. I’m hoping that Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain have some screen time together again after 20 years. Jeremiah Danvers is still alive and kicking somewhere in Cadmus, and it’s sad that Alex and Kara have given up trying to find their Dad. Maybe as Father’s day approaches they’ll remember him and renew the search. The truth is out there!

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