What do you do when the bad guy can kill with a touch? You stay out of his way. This week’s villain, Clive Yarkin, can cause almost immediate deterioration with a touch, and he’s after Joe West. But it’s a good thing that both Joe’s sons are speedsters. Barry, his adopted son, is The Flash, and his biological son Wally is Kid Flash. But Yarkin isn’t about to give up so easily. And he wants to hit Joe where it hurts. Which means going after Iris as his revenge-driven plan ‘B’. That’s why he breaks into the loft love nest, doing his thing and disintegrating the front door. But Iris has a panic button on her phone that rings up Star Labs, and hopefully The Flash. And in a perfect world, The Flash would then race in to save her. But Wally gets the call and decides to attempt the rescue on his own, his ego a bit inflated. And he isn’t fast enough to stop Yarkin from touching Iris, which is bad news for her. She might not live long enough to die four months from now.

But before Iris ends up on her possible deathbed, Joe West found out that Iris is destined to be killed by Savitar in four months. So he’s having a really bad Dad day. Luckily Caitlin comes to the rescue and freezes the infection Yorkin inflicted on Iris. Giving the gang time to find a cure. But at what cost? The effort almost turns Caitlin into Killer Frost. But Julian is able to talk her edge off, and bring her back to her senses. I told you they were grooming him to be a Caitlin love interest. Lets just hope that he doesn’t turn evil like her last crush, the speedster who became Zoom. Or that he doesn’t die, like her husband Ronnie Raymond did. That girl’s love life is a bigger train wreck than the one that almost happens later in the episode.   And just for the record, Ronnie Raymond is going to make an appearance this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how that happens and how that messes with the Caitlin/Julian dynamic.

Meanwhile, back at the main storyline; Barry has to train Wally to phase through solid objects. It’s a way to stop Yorkin, who I like to call ‘Decay’. Cisco took the naming night off. But phasing through solid matter is exactly as hard as it sounds, and it’s a skill that eludes Kid Flash, as Wally continually slams into the test wall, unable to penetrate it. But maybe it’s a skill you have to acquire under fire. Barry didn’t learn how to phase in the lab. Circumstances arose that required Barry to phase, and with Doctor Well’s help via intercom, he was able to phase his way out of an explosive situation. Now it’s Wally’s turn. Barry has to rescue a runaway train by phasing the entire train through a wall of ruble, provided by Decay. And he pushes himself to the limit to save the train, Joe, and the rest of the passengers. So it’s up to Wally to stop Decay, alone. He has to infect Decay with his speedster blood to nullify his powers. And so he cuts his hand, charges a startled Decay, and phases right through him. You go Wallace! The plan works and Decay’s powers become null and void. I told you there was a runaway train in the story.

Julian and Caitlin use a sample of Decay’s blood to synthesize a cure for Iris. And then the two doctors celebrate by going out for a drink. Those crazy kids. Barry, and the cured Iris, cuddle in their loft love nest, as they tend to do. Joe met his girlfriend’s daughter, who’s crushing on Kid Flash. But now she’s going back to college, so we may or may not see her again. And Wally tests his new phasing ability out on that pesky wall in the lab he kept crashing into. But this time he can phase his hand right through it. And his Earth-2 girlfriend, Jessie Quick, speeds in just in time to congratulate him. Or so he hoped. She actually arrives in a panic. Jessie needs Team Flash’s help. Gorilla Grodd kidnapped her Dad and he’s trapped in Gorilla City. STAY TUNED BECAUSE THIS SHOULD BE GOOD!!!!


LAST WORDS: How will Ronnie Raymond come back? Is he the genuine article, back from the breech? Or will he be a memory or an illusion, or a Ronnie from an alternate Earth? We know he can’t be from Earth-2, because that evil Ronnie was killed… And what about Eddie Thawne? He’s returning too. Will the two ex’s return in the same episode? … And in two weeks we get Gorilla Grodd in a two-part episode that at least partially takes place in Gorilla City. Tuesday nights are looking Flash-tastic!!!!



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