Supergirl spends the entire episode defending Lena Luthor, despite what her cousin and her best friends try to tell her. And by episode’s end, it looks like Kara may be right, and that Lena may indeed be the victim of bad parenting and bad press. Until we discover that Lena’s deceiving Kara, and may be smarter than her brother Lex, and potentially more dangerous. Wrong again Supergirl. This season seems to be a big learning curve for our hero. She turned against her best friends, James and Winn, when they became ‘The Guardian’. James is the muscle and Winn is the brains. But she finally comes around this episode, acknowledging that James and Winn have the right to live their lives as they want, even if that means putting themselves in danger. Which by the way, is what she does all the time. And remember when Kara found out Mon-el was a Daxamite, and got all discombobulated because Kryptonians thumb their noses at Daxamites? Well she got over that initial prejudice, became friends with the man, and now she’s ready to admit to herself, and to Mon-el, that she has feelings for him. But honestly, when we saw Mon-el unconscious and shirtless in episode one this season, we knew that a romance would be brewing at some point. This is the CW after all.  Though I predict their dalliance will be short lived.  Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo are slated to appear on the show, possibly as a Daxamite couple looking for Mon-el.  He is hiding something from Supergirl and the gang.  And lies are never a great foundation for a lasting relationship.

Lets get to it, shall we: Lena Luthor testifies against her mother in court. Remember that Mama Luther is in charge of Cadmus, created Metallo, and tried to release a bio-weapon that would have killed every alien on the planet. She’s a bad Mamma-Jamma. But before she can be convicted and sent up the river; Metallo gets a chunk of synthetic kryptonite and breaks Mamma Luther out, using his kryptonite chest blasts. But who gave him his kryptonite fix? The surveillance camera video shows that the supplier was Lena Luthor. But Kara doesn’t believe it. She won’t even report on the story. Which is what reporters do; they report the news. They are unbiased. They don’t assess blame or innocence. They report what’s happening. So when Kara refuses to report on a breaking story, she should have been fired. If she only wants to write positive things about her friends, she should she start a blog. The moment Lena was arrested as a suspect that became a legitimate story. But Lena didn’t stay in jail very long. Metallo breaks her out, apparently against her will. And Lena and Mama Luthor go on the run.

Now there’s a reason that Mama Luthor has always been distant from Lena, her adopted daughter, and we finally find out why. Mama Luthor’s husband, Lionel Luthor, was secretly having an affair with Lena’s Mom. And Lionel and the woman had a love child, Lena. Then when Lena’s Mom died, he brought Lena to live with the Luthors. And Lionel pretty much forced Mama Luthor to go along with the adoption. So Lena has always been a constant reminder of Lionel’s infidelity. (Lena didn’t know any of this. She just thought she was an adopted orphan.) Lena didn’t know, until now, that she was a Luthor by blood. And that whole blood connection comes in handy.  Because Mama Luthor needs Lena’s DNA to open a safe, hidden by Lex Luthor. DNA triggered locks are big on this show. There was also a DNA trigger-lock on the computer at the Fortress of Solitude. That’s why Mama Luthor had to get some of Supergirl’s blood to unlock it so that Cyborg-Superman could steal info on the bio-alien-killing-virus.  Cyborg-Superman is just Hank in a metallic ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ mask.

And speaking of Cyborg-Superman, he’s in the mix here too. So when Supergirl and Martian Manhunter show up to stop Mama Luthor and save Lena, it’s a pretty even fight. Metallo and Cyborg-Superman against our hometown heroes. But the synthetic kryptonite, powering Metallo, explodes. Mama Luthor and the cyborg escape, with one item from Lex’s safe. It was something in a small box that will probably prove to be important in a future episode. And Supergirl and Martian Manhunter save Lena and make it out, before the kryptonite cloud created by the explosion kills Kara. And everybody is happy about that. Winn also discovers that the video showing Lena giving Metallo the synthetic kryptonite in the first place, was a fake. It was altered by Mama Luthor to make Lena look guilty, so she’d run away with her and unlock the safe. So Kara is happy to learn that her friend Lena is innocent, which is what she always believed. In fact she’s a bit smug about it, giving everyone ‘I told you so’ attitude.

But is Lena innocent? Not really! Through flashbacks of a chess game, we see that little Lena was smarter than big brother Lex, even as a child. And after Lena and Kara share a congratulatory hug, and Kara departs, we see Lena’s evil smirk as she picks up a chess piece. Alluding to the fact that she’s manipulating Kara, and the whole situation. So when cousin Clark Kent initially told Kara she shouldn’t trust Lena Luthor, he was right. And the show ends with Mon-el and Kara about to finally share a passion-filled, nobody’s about to die, kiss. But out of nowhere, an imp from another dimension shows up declaring that he loves Kara, halting the Mon-el and Kara lip lock. His name is Mister Mxyzptlk. And if you don’t know who that is, STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Mister Mxyzptlk is a popular character from Superman comics. And in a few comic book stories he did appear and declare his love for Supergirl. Which is a cool shout out to all comic book fans. But in the comics, Mister Mxyzptlk is about three-feet-tall, balding, and he wears an orange suit and a derby hat. But in true CW fashion, this version of the imp is a young handsome hunk. CURSE YOU CW!!!!! I just hope that at some point during the episode we see Mister Mxyzptlk in his true impish form.


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