This episode takes place on and around Valentine’s Day, that’s why there’s so much love in the air. Hank sends M’gann an intergalactic love note, Winn hooks up with a sexy blonde alien that isn’t Kara, Alex spends her first VD Day with Maggie, and Kara and Mon-el finally satisfy their love-jones. But poor James was absent this week, probably home alone wondering why he doesn’t get any Guardian Love. Sorry James, you dumped Lucy Lane for Kara, and then Kara dumped you. No new romance for you just yet. Though love isn’t all roses and boxes of chocolates this episode. Because Mister Mxyzptlk, a fifth dimensional being, shows up and proclaims his love for Supergirl. Which understandably, really cheeses Mon-el off. With a snap of his finger Mxyzptk can give Kara the world, and Mon-el doesn’t feel he’s got much to offer. So when is he going to get his red super suit?

Mxyzptlk is normally a Superman villain, but the show once again misses an opportunity to bring the Man-of-Steel into the mix. He could have at the very least exchanged text messages with Kara, offering up some anti-Mxyptlk advice. But no, once again there is no reference to him at all. Even though Kara eventually takes the fight to the Fortress of Solitude, where she fights the Ice giant version of Jor-el. They show Superman in the intro every week. The least they can do is his presence felt. But I digress… Mister Mxyptlk proposes to Kara, and won’t take no for an answer. He even conjures up The Parasite to menace National City, so that he can show up as a version of Superman to save Supergirl and the city. But alas, that’s not the way to win Kara’s heart. So he goes away dejected, and obviously dangerous.

Mon-el wants to kill the Impish Mxyzptlk, but Kara and the D.E.O. veto that solution. But Mon-el is a bit of a hothead, and he decides that Supergirl needs saving, whether she knows it or not. So Mon-el steals a magic amulet from the D.E.O. that will nullify Mxyzptlk’s powers. Then he finds the Imp and challenges him to a fistfight. They battle it out for a bit, then Mxyzptlk crushes the amulet and regains his powers. But before he can kill Mon-el, Kara arrives and agrees to marry Mxyzptlk to save Mon-el’s life. Talk about a shotgun wedding. The ceremony is set to take place at the Fortress of Solitude, supposedly to honor Kara’s Kryptonian heritage. But it’s all a trick to send Mxyzptlk back to his own dimension. The trick is to get him to say, or write his name backwards. (In the comics he has to say his name backwards, Kltpzyxm) So Supergirl convinces him to enter a security code in the Fortress’ computer, using Kryptonian symbols. Which turns out to be his name spelled backwards. So Mxyzptlk vanishes, banished from Earth. (But if the comics that exile only lasts ninety days. So we may see him again in the future.) And when he vanishes, all Mxyzptlk’s magical mischief gets undone. So the Ice giant version of Jor-el that Supergirl fought and destroyed, is resurrected as the icy tribute it’s supposed to be. Superman will probably be happy about that, if they ever show him again. (I know I should let this go, but I can’t)

So this Valentine’s Day episode ends on a happy note. Hank still has his long-distance romance with M’gann, Maggie and Alex overcome a small hiccup in their relationship and end up happy and still in love, Winn and his new alien girlfriend embark on a new relationship, and Kara and Mon-el end up in each other’s arms. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: I hope that Winn’s new gal doesn’t turn evil like his last ladylove. He doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to dating… And next week Jeremiah Danvers, Alex ‘s Dad and Kara’s adopted Dad, returns from Cadmus. He probably got tired of waiting for his girls to rescue him and just broke himself out.

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