Our favorite mind-manipulating Gorilla is back, and we’re awfully glad to see him. It’s nice to get away from the whole ‘Savitar-is-going-to-kill-Iris’ storyline for a while, and deal with something cool. And Gorilla Grodd has gotten a lot smarter since his last encounter with the Flash, while heroic Team Flash seems to have dumbed down a bit. Here’s what I mean; Grodd convinces Harry to come to Gorilla City, then kidnaps him so that Team Flash will show up to rescue Harry, and the do.  Flash, Cisco, Julian, and Caitlin come to Earth-2’s Gorilla City, completely unarmed. That’s crazy! Grodd has mind-control powers y’all! The last time Flash fought Grodd, Cisco developed headgear for the Flash that would protect him from Grodd’s mental attacks. But this go-round they show up with nothing, except for Julian’s gun. No wonder they get captured by Grodd moments after their arrival, and tossed into cages. And Grodd mentally prevents Barry from phasing through the metal bars of his cage, and prevents Cisco from creating breeches. So team Flash is stuck behind bars, facing execution. Wow, if they’d only thought to bring along that anti-psychic tech they developed, maybe they wouldn’t be hopelessly screwed so early in the episode.

But Luckily, Grodd doesn’t want the team dead, not yet anyway. Grodd wants the Flash to fight Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City, in a gladiator-like death match in the big Gorilla City Arena. Grodd wants Solovar killed by a human, the ultimate humiliation, so that Grodd can step in and take over the city. It’s a good plan, but Barry’s just not down with killing, not even if it means taking out a ruthless killer ape. That’s when coercion comes into play. If Barry won’t fight, then Grodd will kill the rest of the team, and then take an army over to Earth-1 to conquer Central City. Yikes, can he do that? I guess he can. So Barry agrees to fight Solovar, but not to the death. Losing to a human should still insure Grodd’s coup.  And Grodd appears to be cool with that. So the fight is set between The Flash and Solovar. It’s Speedster verses Super-Gorilla, in a winner take-all match for the ages. Oh! And they do find Harry. He’s being mind-controlled by Grodd. So that anti-psychic tech would have come in real handy yet again.

Meanwhile, back on the Earth-1 subplot: Wally is trying to find out why Jessie has such a bad attitude. Of course her Dad is missing and possibly dead for all she knows. But they doesn’t seem to explain why she’s so cold to Wally in particular. The Flash left Jessie Quick and Kid Flash on Earth-1 to protect Central City while team Flash is off-world. Anyway, Jessie is a little pissed that Wally hasn’t put any effort into staying in touch. Wally never even told her he became a speedster. In a long distance relationship communication is key. And she was over there on Earth-2 thinking that she’d been dumped. But when Wally apologizes and assures her that he’s still interested, Jessie is back on team West. And Wally asks Jessie to move to Earth-1 permanently to be with him. Which seems like a pretty big step for a couple of kids who are barely a couple. And what about Earth-2? Won’t that leave them with zero superheroes? Here’s my thought; I think Wally may move to Earth-2 to be with Jessie. After all, Earth-1 would still have the Flash, Vibe, and possibly a reformed Non-killer Frost. (Along with Team Arrow and the Legends)

Meanwhile, back in Gorilla City: Flash fights Solovar in the Arena and defeats him, leaving Grodd in charge. But Grodd goes back on his deal and plans to kill Team Flash and invade Earth-1’s Central City anyway. He is one big bad ape! So Barry fakes his own death, with the help of Caitlin’s frost power, to get Grodd to open his cell door. Then Team Flash escapes, along with Harry, and Barry super-speeds them out of the city and away from Grodd. And once they are far enough away from Grodd’s mind-control abilities, Cisco’s powers return and he’s able to open a breech and return them to Earth-1. Jessie is happy to see her Dad, and all seems right with the world. BUT, back in Gorilla City, we see that Grodd has another hostage. It’s Gypsy. And Grodd plans to use her power to open a breech and transport his Gorilla Army to Earth-1… STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Caitlin and Julian realize that they are attracted to each other. But at least, for now, Caitlin realizes that a romantic relationship isn’t in the cards until she gets her Frost powers removed, or under control. (I still think she’ll become the hero ‘Ice’ from the DC Comics universe.) … And is Julian done with Savitar? He was under his control. What happens when Savitar returns? … And is Wally West not long for this world? Meaning that he may move to Earth-2 to be with Jessie. I like Wally so I hope that doesn’t happen. We’ll just have to wait and see…And how can The Flash run, carrying three other people?  Does the speed-force just engulf everyone and carry them along in Barry’s wake?  That would explain a lot, including why no one Barry carries ever gets whiplash. Think about it.


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