Supergirl and Mon-el are sleeping together now, and probably having super-sex. To clarify; they are both somewhat super and having sex. The phrase super-sex isn’t a commentary on how good their sex was. Even Mon-el wonders about how great it was when he wakes up in Kara’s bed alone, feeling abandoned. But Kara didn’t sneak out on Mon-el.  She just left to do some early morning heroics. And to show how much she cares, Kara brings Mon-el a bouquet of flowers, after a bit of early morning citizen saving. Is that any reason to feel emasculated? You bet it is. So it’s no surprise that Mon-el spends the episode wondering how he fits into this new relationship. But the big news is that Supergirl and The Martian Manhunter intercept a Cadmus transport and rescue Jeremiah Danvers. He’s Alex and Kara’s dad. He’s been in their clutches for fourteen years. So everyone is pretty happy about his return, except Mon-el. He’s sure that Daddy Danvers is a spy for Cadmus. Which puts a strain on his already shaky relationship with Kara.

And is Mon-el right? Is Daddy Danvers the bad guy in this story? Well, long-story-short, he sure is. He’s got a secret cyborg arm and a bad attitude. Alex, Hank, and Kara are too euphoric to see it, but Daddy Dearest is playing for team Cadmus now. And that actually makes a lot of sense. There’s something called the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and that’s when a long-tern hostage develops a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. Jeremiah Danvers has been a Cadmus hostage for fourteen years, so of course they’ve gotten in his head. But what’s confusing is that when Daddy Danvers asks to immediately go back to work for the D.E.O., Hank tells him that he has to pass a physical and psychological evaluation. Then the next thing you know he’s just handing him a D.E.O. identification card with full security clearance. What the heck Hank? If Danvers had gotten the physical, the metal cyborg arm would have been easily discovered. And a psych exam would have, at the very least, tried to deal with the trauma Danvers received from years of torture.

But at least Alex and Kara’s Mother Eliza got it right. When Jeremiah Danvers suggests hitting the re-start button on their marriage, she pumps the brakes immediately. Letting her long-lost hubby know that he needs to slow down. After fourteen years she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Too bad Alex and Hank don’t follow Eliza’s lead. Because when Daddy Danvers gets access to the D.E.O. he betrays everyone and hacks into the computer system, stealing classified information that pinpoints the whereabouts of every alien on the planet. Then he escapes, running home to Lillian Luthor, who has been pulling his strings. If you recall, Cadmus wants to cleanse the Earth of all Extra-terrestrials, making humanity human again. Of course Supergirl shows up to stop Lillian Luthor, but bombs on a train track make the perfect diversion. And while Supergirl is saving a train ala ‘Superman-The-Movie’, Lillian gets away. Luckily Alex traps Daddy Danvers, almost capturing him. But he won’t be taken alive and Alex lowers her gun, allowing him to escape as well. She can’t kill her father. But my thought is this; why not just shoot him in the leg and incapacitate him? Why are the only two options a kill-shot or letting him go free?

Anyway! If you couldn’t tell, this is the first part of a two-part episode. And next week, Lillian will probably round up all the Aliens on the stolen list, intent on doing them harm. Which will probably include Winn’s new hypersexual alien girlfriend. The one he’s never told any of his friends about. Friends like Jimmy Olsen, who is absent from this entire episode. And that’s two in a row he’s missed. I think that the producers are coming to realize that if Jimmy, or James, isn’t Kara’s love interest, he doesn’t really serve a purpose. The show rarely involves Catco anymore. In fact, I’m surprised Kara hasn’t been fired by Snapper Carr. She never seems to show up for work. Reporters get assignments and have responsibilities. Maybe, like Winn, she should just work for the D.E.O. full time. That’s where the action is. So next week; will Supergirl save the aliens and stop Cadmus? And will Jeremiah Danvers be rescued and deprogrammed? STAY TUNED!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Will the Mon-el and Supergirl tête-à-tête last the season? Even when Mon-el tries to be the good boyfriend, he doesn’t listen to Kara and he generally charges ahead with no regard for what she wants. Maybe on Daxam the dudes call the shots. AND, what about his secret? Daddy Danvers knows what it is, and says that Kara won’t like it. Will that alone be big enough to break the couple up?


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