Alex has definitely got Daddy issues, but unfortunately, those issues aren’t entirely resolved in this episode. After Hank sidelines an overly emotional Alex, she goes rogue, invading Cadmus solo to find Jeremiah Danvers. And guess what? That doesn’t go well and she almost gets launched into space, as one does. Luckily for her, Supergirl is around to make the big save, even though the two had been fighting. It’s a good thing that Supergirl doesn’t hold onto grudges like some earthlings do. But anyway, once again all is right with the world. But wait a minute! What happened to Daddy Danvers? Did he get rescued?

And the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Jeremiah did come around at the end of the episode, fighting Cadmus, trying to finally do the right thing, and he even attempted to save Alex. But alas, Jeremiah’s rescue was not meant to be. He was spirited away by Cadmus without so much as a ‘goodbye’ or ‘fare thee well’. So, after a two-part episode, everything remained status quo: Alex and Kara remain Dad-less, Eliza is still sans husband, and Hank is once again missing an old friend. And we’re still not sure what Daddy Danvers has been doing for the fourteen years he’s been missing. He said he’s been working with Cadmus so that they would leave Kara and Alex alone. But if that’s true, that deal seems to be off the table now. So what’s next?… Goodbye, again Jeremiah Danvers I guess, for now. And let’s all go to the alien dive bar for a round of drinks. Oh, wait, the recap!

This happened: Lillian Luthor decided to hide her entire Cadmus organization somewhere it would never be found. It’s in an abandoned Luthor Corp warehouse with the Luthor name painted right there on it. Talk about hiding in plain site. Did anyone even really look for Cadmus? Come on D.E.O., put your thinking caps on! Well, at least they do capture a Cadmus thug. Though he refuses to talk, and Hank can’t read his mind. So what’s the point?  They got nothing. That’s when a distraught Alex goes in and brutalizes the guy, and then does a tap dancing routine on his face. She wants to know where her Dad is now, and to heck with the consequences.   That’s when Hank steps in and stops her from killing the dude. Hank also relieves her of duty. One of the downsides of working with a Martian is that they can get inside your head, literally. But Alex doesn’t give up. With girlfriend Maggie’s help, they track down Cadmus. Which isn’t that hard. And Alex goes off to find Daddy Danvers alone, with no backup. Not a smart move.

Meanwhile, Kara is trying to get Snapper Carr to print a story about the stolen alien registry. It’s to warn the aliens that they are in danger of being kidnapped. But Snapper won’t print the story without facts, and Kara can’t tell him that Cadmus stole the list from the D.E.O., because the D.E.O. is a super secret organization. So how is she supposed to warn aliens all over the country about the threat? Well, she could ask her cousin to get the Daily Planet to run an article. Clark and Lois are seasoned reporters and could have found a way to make that happen. But once again, her Superman connection goes untapped. Why did they bring Superman/Clark into the show in the first two episodes if they are just going to ignore him the rest of the season? It makes no sense. So Kara starts a blog, I guess hoping it will go viral or something in time to do some good. But who’s reading a Kara Danvers Blog? So Snapper fires Kara, as he should. She’s a terrible reporter. Maybe Blogging will become her new thing.

Alex breaks into Cadmus and finds Jeremiah Danvers. But she gets caught and captured. But once face to face with her Dad, Alex is able to talk some sense into that brain-washed noggin, and Jeremiah tries to help Alex escape and free the prisoners. The alien prisoners are locked in cells aboard a spaceship, waiting to be deported to another galaxy. (That’s a timely social commentary) But when Alex goes to free them, she gets locked inside as well, and the spaceship launches. Luckily for her, Kara finds out Cadmus’ location from Lena Luthor, and she arrives just in time to stop the ship before it leaves for galaxies unknown. But while all this is happening, Jeremiah gets into a fight with Cyborg-Hank and loses. So he’s taken prisoner by Cadmus once again. And speaking of spaceships, one is approaching Earth and we see that it belongs to the two masked Daxamites that have tracking Mon-el. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: The two masked figures take off their masks. It’s Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). And they are most likely Mon-el’s parents. (Hatcher was Lois Lane in the 90’s series ‘Lois and Clark’)… In this episode, we also see Winn falling for his new alien girlfriend. And how irate he gets when she’s kidnapped. She gets rescued and the reunite.  But I wonder if their love will survive the season… And we see Jimmy Olsen twice this episode, but he doesn’t do much. Maybe if Kara dumps Mon-el, once she discovers he’s been lying to everyone this whole time, Jimmy will be back in the picture. (Mon-el is the Prince of Daxam.)

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