Savitar is back everybody! He’s the self-proclaimed God of Speed. You remember him right? He’s some guy or gal in a head-to-toe armored suit that makes him look like a Transformer. I mean, every time he shows up I expect him to change into a Prius or something. But he is evil everybody. Don’t forget that in the future he kills Iris, or appears to kill her. We don’t know yet. But he’s free now, thanks to Team Flash. You heard me. Once again, team members keep secrets that eventually allow Savitar to break free from the speed force, where he was imprisoned. Wally West, aka Kid Flash, has been having visions of Savitar, and he hasn’t told anyone. And those visions are really messing with his mind. And then there’s Caitlin Snow; she secretly stashed away a piece of the philosopher stone for herself, to hopefully find a cure for her killer frost powers. And Barry proposed to Iris because they weren’t married in the future so he hopes marrying her now will change her fate. How romantic: In a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ kind of way. And we all know how that story ended…

The philosopher stone is the source of Savitar’s power, and he used the stone to give potential meta-humans super powers. That’s why Caitlin stole a chunk of it. She hopes that the chunk of rock will work in reverse and remove her frost powers. Barry threw the rest of the stone into the speed force, so that Savitar wouldn’t get it. But unfortunately, no one knew at the time that Savitar was imprisoned in the speed force. So basically, Barry opened a rift into the speed force and then tossed the philosopher stone right to Savitar. Smooth move Barry. But without the whole stone Savitar remained powerless to escape. So things still seemed to work out. Until Savitar got into Wally’s head. If you’ll recall; Wally got his speed from Savitar, and the stone. So I’m thinking a mind link-up was made possible by that connection.  And of course Wally doesn’t tell the rest of Team Flash what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Joe is a little upset by Iris and Barry’s surprise engagement announcement. After all, isn’t the groom traditionally supposed to ask for the father’s permission before he proposes? But for the record; since Joe is Iris’s dad and Barry’s surrogate dad, doesn’t that add an element of weird into that mix? So maybe Joe should just let that tradition go. And what about Wally and Jessie? Are they just shaking up at Joe’s swinging pad? I think Wally is still in college, though I haven’t seen him go off to class in a while. And as for that other couples in Star Labs, things have gotten a bit frosty for Caitlin and Julian . Savitar basically made Julian his errand boy; using the power of the very stone Caitlin stole a piece of. Which makes Julian wonder if Caitlin really likes him at all, or if she’s just using him to find a cure. Caitlin has had a lot of bad luck with relationships. Maybe the producers should stop trying to hook her up every season. And while no woman wants to hear that her proposal was insincere, maybe Iris should give Barry a break here. He did what he did to save her life, and he does love her. But no, Iris is upset and takes off the engagement ring, which hits Barry like a stake through the heart. No wait, that was an actual stake stuck in Barry’s chest. Put there by Savitar, my bad. But Barry’s got mad healing skills, so he’ll survive. But will he survive the heartbreak?

So how did Savitar get out of the speed force? Well remember that mental link Savitar has with Wally West. Well he uses that to play with his mind, and confuse him. Wally starts seeing images of Savitar all over town. Then he has a vision of his dead mother that totally makes him all loopy. Wally is still feeling guilty about avoiding his dying mother when she needed him most. He was angry and in denial, and kept his distance. And Savitar uses that regret to his advantage. Without talking to Team Flash, Wally takes the remaining chunk of the philosopher stone, opens up a portal to the speed force, and chucks it in. He thinks he’s keeping the stone from Savitar, but in actuality he tosses it right to him. So now Savitar has both parts of the stone.  He escapes, and Wally gets sucked into the speed force, taking Savitar’s place. Leaving his charred Kid Flash uniform behind.  Poor Wally.

This devastates Joe. Wally’s gone, and Iris supposedly dies in the near future. It’s a parent’s nightmare. Of course Barry vows to save Wally, and Iris, if that’s even possible. So Barry is going back into the speed force next week, STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: I hope they don’t lose Wally. His youthful exuberance and energy are a great new part of Team Flash.


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