Going into the Speed Force is like attending an overly abusive therapy session. You get beat up, literally and figuratively, and by the end you learn a little something-something. As you know from the last episode, Savitar tricked Wally into taking his place in the Speed Force. And it’s not a short-term gig, it’s for eternity. Wrap your head around that if you can. No wonder Barry’s so focused on finding him and getting him out. And what about the Iris/Barry dynamic, now that the engagement’s off? The producers love to bring them together then rip them apart, and tonight was no exception. After moving in together and getting engaged, now Barry and Iris are taking a break. And no, I’m not kidding. In a flash, that relationship was here today and gone tomorrow. But if they go all the way back to square one and start dating other people, I think my mind will explode. Well, thank goodness those of us who love love still have Wally and Jessie, right? WRONG! At episode’s end, Jessie takes off for Earth-3.  Nooooooooooooo!!

So here’s what happened: Barry is feeling guilty and decides to go into the Speed Force to free Wally, even if it means he may never come out again. But luckily, Cisco comes up with a contraption that will track Barry, once he’s in the Speed Force, and bring him back when necessary. So it’s more like a rescue and less like a suicide mission. Cisco vibes Barry into the Speed Force, and guess who’s there waiting to greet him. It’s Eddie Thawn. Or at least it appears to be Eddie, when in reality the Speed Force is simply assuming the form of Eddie to speak to Barry. The Speed Force messes with your head like that. Then Eddie calls Barry out for saving his Mother and causing Flashpoint. Reminding him that the last time he was in the Speed Force he had supposedly come to grips with his Mom’s death. Then he turned around and saved his Mom anyway, selfishly creating an altered reality. So the Speed Force is understandably pissed off, feeling a bit betrayed, and tells Barry that it’s keeping Wally, forever. Talk about holding a grudge.

Meanwhile, Jessie is feeling angry and restless and goes after Savitar, alone. Which is not the smartest decision she’s ever made. She uses the broken piece of Savitar’s armor to find him. It’s the piece that Savitar used to stab Barry in the last episode. And as expected, Jessie Quick is no match for Savitar, and she receives an almost lethal beat down. But thanks to HR, Jessie figure out that an invulnerable God wouldn’t need to wear armor. So she uses the shard of armor to attack a weak spot in Savitar’s armored suit, hurting him, and causing him to run away.  And that proves that whoever is in that Armor is mortal and not a God. Good job Jessie. Now Team Flash knows that Savitar can be hurt, and or killed, because there is a regular dude or dudette under that armor. But who is it?

Back in the Speed Force: Barry disregards the warning and continues looking for Wally. That’s when he runs into Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin, and the baby daughter the two would have had if Ronnie had lived. Talk about a guilt trip! If you recall, Ronnie died closing a dimensional breech that almost engulfed Central City. And Barry caused that breech when he tried to go back in time and save his Mom the first time. So the Speed Force has a right to be all angry and judgmental. Barry has been a knucklehead, more than once, and should have known better. But Barry still wants to save Wally, so he presses on and finds him. Wally is stuck in his dying mother’s hospital room, watching her die over and over again. It’s his own personal hell. But Barry can’t help Wally because Captain Cold is there to stop him. Which is a little confusing since Barry had nothing to do with Leonard Snart’s death. Snart died a hero, sacrificing himself to save the Legends, in that other series.

Anyway, Barry is also being attacked by black zombie flash, and is about to get himself killed. Then Jay Garrick shows up to save him. (Off camera, Cisco vibed over to Earth-3 and brought Jay back to help Barry.) So the two speedsters defeat black zombie flash and Captain Cold, and they free Wally, sort of. Because of all the damage Barry has done to time, Wally can’t leave unless another speedster takes his place. That’s when Jay makes the ultimate sacrifice, and agrees to stay. A decision made even more poignant given that Jay looks exactly like Barry’s dad. Then Wally and Barry escape the Speed Force via the portal Jay arrived in, which is being powered by Cisco. They get home, but the reunion with Team Flash is bittersweet, because of the loss of Jay Garrick. And Barry vows to some day free Jay. Now is it me, of does Barry does a lot of vowing?  I can’t be the only one that’s noticed that…  STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Wally is pretty emotionally damaged, so Kid Flash is going to be sidelined for a while. And though Wally tells Jessie he loves her, she’s so moved by Jay’s sacrifice, she goes to Earth-3 to take his place… And Barry is finally in touch with the consequences of his selfish actions. So he separates from Iris so he can stop obsessing over her and deal with Savitar head on… And speaking of Savitar, who is under all that armor pretending to be a God? Is it the real Eddie Thawn, the real Ronnie Raymond, or a future version of Barry gone bad?

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