Pick a card, any card, and then stand back and watch it explode. Abra Kadabra is a magician/villain from the future that’s stuck here, and he’s not all that happy about it. His future tech is so advanced it almost appears to be magic. But it isn’t. Abra Kadabra is using showmanship and future technology to confound and kill, as he searches for additional tech to build a time machine. He wants to go home. That’s when Gypsy comes in; she’s been tracking him, because Abra Kadabra killed her partner. And now she’s hot on his heels, since he just left her Earth, Earth-19. And Gypsy is determined to take Abra Kadabra back to face the music, which isn’t as lyrical as it sounds, it’s a death sentence…But Barry and Team Flash want Abra Kadabra alive, because Abra Kadabra claims he knows how to stop Savitar and save Iris. But Kadabra won’t tell, unless the killer is allowed to walk free. And therein lies the problem.

Here’s what happened: Abra Kadabra portals over from Earth-19, looking to steal some technology on this Earth. He kills a few people, breaks into a few Tech Companies, and then Team Flash is on the case. But when Barry super-speeds over to stop Kadabra, Gypsy portals in unexpectedly, and Kadabra uses his big card trick to escape. Of course Cisco is glad to see Gypsy, remembering that passionate goodbye kiss they shared the last time she was on Earth-one, but this go-round she’s cold as ice. And she’s not the only frosty one; Julian is giving Caitlin the cold shoulder, still upset because he thinks she only cares about his big brain. Hoping he can cure her Killer Frost problem. Well newsflash Julian: You’re such a social misfit you should be grateful when any woman looks your way, for any reason. But I digress…

Surprise! Abra Kadabra shows up at Star Labs when Gypsy and the speedsters are out trying to track him down. He throws Caitlin, Joe and Iris for a loop, but not before Caitlin sends out an S.O.S. on her phone to Barry Allen. The Flash shows up and captures Kadabra with special handcuffs, presumably designed to inhibit Abra Kadabra’s abilities. But before Barry can turn him over to the kill-crazy Gypsy, Kadabra lets him know that he can save Iris. Kadabra claims to know the Speed God’s true identity. Dun-Dun-Dun. But he won’t tell unless Flash sets him free before Gypsy takes him over to Earth-19’s version of Death Row. It’s almost an offer too good to refuse. But the fact that Abra Kadabra is a murderer stops Barry from rushing into anything, for once. Joe on the other hand, will do anything to save his daughter. So he sets Kadabra free. But before Kadabra can tell Joe the name, Gypsy shows up and tries to re-capture him. And in the melee that follows, Caitlin is critically injured.

Being the only Doctor in the house, Caitlin has to operate on herself, using mirrors and Julian’s help. And seeing her courage and vulnerability, Julian finally realizes that Caitlin is the girl for him. And after the surgical procedure is done, and Caitlin is on the road to recovery, Julian kisses Caitlin. Which on the CW is usually the sign that something bad is on the horizon. Before Gypsy takes Abra Kadabra away to his death, Barry begs him to tell who Savitar is. But Kadabra pretty much just smirks, tells Barry to ‘suck it,’ then disappears with Gypsy. And fun fact: It turns out that Abra Kadabra killed Gypsy’s partner/lover three years ago. That’s why she was angry and determined this trip. Sorry Cisco, maybe she’ll be a little less moody next time.

So now everything is right with the world, kind of. Iris’ fate is still up for grabs, and Caitlin dies. You heard me. Complications from the self-surgery kick in, sending Caitlin into shock. The only hope she has is to become Killer Frost, because as a meta-human she has healing powers. But she says she’d rather die than become that villainous Frost Queen again. SO CAITLIN SNOW DIES!!!!!!!! You heard me. Cisco and H.R. are devastated. But Barry, Joe, Wally and Iris aren’t around for the tragedy. Because of Abra Kadabra, they are having a powwow about Barry’s new brilliant idea. Barry tells them that he’s going to propel himself into the future to find out who Savitar is. What could possibly go wrong? But wait a second; remember when Julian kissed Caitlin, proclaiming his love. Well seeing her lifeless body is more than he can handle. So he snatches the inhibitor necklace off Caitlin and her meta-human gene reactivates. She revives and instantly heals, but as Killer Frost, and she’s on the rampage. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Barry’s goes back to the future, not knowing Killer Frost is back with a vengeance. Sounds like a great episode, right? Problem is, The Flash is on hiatus until April 25th.  YIKES!  Too bad we can’t time travel… Also, I hope they don’t kill Julian, or erase him from existence. Its cool seeing Tom Felton as a good guy after all these years. But Caitlin’s love interest haven’t had very good luck on this show…

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