SUPERGIRL Recap: “Mama’s Boy”

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” That’s an old saying that describes Mon-el pretty darn accurately. He’s still that selfish Prince that puts his own happiness above everyone and everything else. And right now he’s happy with Kara. So when she’s threatened, his answer is to run away to some secluded planet and hide out together for the rest of their lives, earth and everyone else be damned. Thankfully Kara is far too selfless to give that notion a second thought. And Mon-el’s parents may be the bad guys here, but they ultimately just want him to come back and help re-unite and re-build their home world, Daxam. So I wish Mon-el would at least be a little torn between his love for Kara, and his duty to his people. But he isn’t. That’s why his mother, played wonderfully by Terri Hatcher, is willing to do whatever it takes to change his mind, even if that means killing Supergirl. Oh snap!!

Mama puts an intergalactic hit out on Kara. Offering a lot of space cash to alien bounty hunters if they’ll come to earth and kill Supergirl. So a few baddies show up and try to kill her. But she’s got way too much moxie to go down without a fight. Of course, when Mon-el asks his parents if they are trying to have his girlfriend killed, they deny it. And we later find out that Dad, played by Kevin Sorbo, was telling the truth. He didn’t know anything about the hit. Mama’s the queen bee of this hive. And when all else fails, she’s more than willing to get her hands dirty. Against Mon-el’s wishes and Hank’s orders, Kara invites Mama to the Fortress of Solitude, so they can talk and hopefully hug it out. But Mama ain’t having none of it. She’s got Kryptonite daggers and she knows how to use them. She attacks Kara, remembers that Daxamites gain super strength under a yellow sun, so it’s a fair fight. And Mama’s got skills. But before Mama can kill the girl of steel, Mon-el intervenes and promises to go back to Daxam, if she’ll spare Kara’s life and call off the hit. Mama agrees and they get beamed back to the Daxam ship, and prep for departure.

Meanwhile, back in National City, Kara pleads with Hank to mount a rescue. But Hank’s hands are tied because the President ordered him to leave the Daxam ship alone. That’s when Kara uses her greatest new power, super whining, and talks Hank into defying the President’s orders. She loves Mon-el after all.  Doesn’t that supersede national security? The D.E.O. has become such a joke this season. Anyway, they go off to rescue Mon-el, even though he gave his word he’d go back to Daxam. And they almost get away clean, until Mama once again schools Supergirl with her Kryptonite Daggers. But this time it’s Mon-el’s Dad that comes to the rescue. He recognizes that Mon-el is determined to stay on earth. So he stops the melee and allows Mon-el to go back to earth with Team Supergirl. But guess who isn’t happy; it’s Mommy dearest. Feeling betrayed by the King, her hubby, she kills him with her dagger skills, vowing to go back for Mon-el. And this time, Mama’s gonna get her boy back, and nothing is going to stand in her way. STAY TUNED.

LAST WORDS: The President, Lynda Carter, is a shape-shifting alien. But we already knew that…There was also a soapy subplot about Maggie lying to Alex about cheating on her ex-girlfriend. Maggie said she didn’t, but she actually did. And they hug it out, vowing, to be honest with each other because they’re in love, or some such thing…. And talking about relationships; I wonder how the Mon-el/Kara romance will play out. The CW is all about the drama. I don’t think ‘Happily Ever After’ is going to happen this early in the series… AND Terri Hatcher does a great job of playing a very scary Mom. I’m glad the writers gave her such a cool villain to play.

EASTER EGG:  The yoga studio Maggie and Alex came out of was called Yoga Hosers, which is the name of the movie flop Kevin Smith wrote/directed that starred his daughter.  Luckily he didn’t shoe-horn her into this episode like he did the last time he directed an episode of Supergirl.  Thank Rao!

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