The word from Wondercon is that even Lucifer has Daddy issues.  In FOX’s Lucifer, we’ve already met the titular character’s hellish Mom, so it shall come to pass that God will stop by the earthly realm for a visit.  Or will he?  Timothy Omundson, who played the stick-in-the-mud Detective Carlton Lassiter on PSYCH, will be guest-starring on Lucifer as God Johnson.  Mister Johnson is a charming patient in a psychiatric hospital who claims to be the Almighty.  And though Lucifer initially doesn’t believe it, God Johnson seems to know things that only Lucifer’s true Father would know.  So will Lucifer finally get to work through his abandonment issues?  Is God Johnson really the Big Guy?  Word from this Lucifer co-star is that he is the genuine article.  According to Rachel Harris, who plays Linda Martin, “In the finale, we get to meet God.”

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