For the past few weeks, we’ve pretty much been in a superhero draught.  All our favorite DCTV shows, on the CW and FOX, have been on hiatus.  But that all ends on Monday, April 24th, with GOTHEM and SUPERGIRL.  THE FLASH speeds back into our lives on April 25th.  And ARROW takes aim again on April 26th!  Hopefully, you DC LEGENDS OF TOMORROW fans already know that eclectic bunch of heroes has already ended their season with a bang, totally messing up the Timeline.  Move over Barry Allen, The Legends mucked up the fabric of time a hundred times worse than you ever did. And they were last seen in present day Los Angeles, which now has a new futuristic/alien skyline, and Dinosaurs.  Yikes, those Legends have got a lot of explaining to do when they come back next season.  And speaking of shows coming back next season;  The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have all been picked up for another season.  Gotham and Lucifer are close to receiving another season order, but that hasn’t happened yet.   (I’ll let you know when FOX makes that call)  And a new Superhero series called ‘BLACK LIGHTENING’ may be joining the CW stable if the pilot gets picked up.  So DC fans rejoice!

MONDAY MADNESS:  When Gotham returns we’ll see the rise of a villain and a hero.  The April 24th episode entitled, “Mad City: How the Riddler Got His Name” will focus on Ed Nygma’s transformation into that infamous bat-baddie.  And speaking of The Bat, Bruce Wayne is going to step it up.  He’ll be the next hero-in-training.  But he’s not ready for the cape and cowl just yet.  Though our valiant Boy Wonder will be receiving a costume of some kind.  He told me so himself… And SUPERGIRL still has that ‘ex-Lois Lane’ to deal with.  Terri Hatcher will be returning as Mon-el’s maniacal mom Queen Rhea, and she wants her son back.  And Rhea is willing to kill to make that happen.  She already killed her hubby for showing compassion and weakness.  So she won’t be pulling any punches when she runs into Supergirl again.  But she’s not the only visitor returning to National City; Cat Grant and Superman will be back for the show’s two-part season finale.   And don’t forget that Lillian and Lena Luthor are still in the mix, along with Jeremiah Danvers and Cadmus.  Could we see Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain face off in an off-kilter ‘Lois And Clark’ reunion?   STAY TUNED!!! … And on Lucifer, we’ll meet God this season.

TUESDAY RUNDOWN:  The Flash will be going back to the future when he returns on the 25th.  Tom Cavenagh, who plays multiple variations of Harrison Wells, directs the episode entitled, ‘The Once and Future Flash.’    Barry catapults himself into the future to find out who this Savitar guy really it. Because if he can unmask this season’s big bad, he may be able to save Iris’ life.  They are officially engaged you know.  But what Barry doesn’t know is that back in the present, Caitlin Snow has become Killer Frost, full on, and she’s on the rampage.  Iris isn’t the only one that needs saving.  So does Barry stop Savitar and save Iris?  And can Kid Flash and Vibe stop Killer Frost on their own, and save Caitlin Snow?  STAY TUNED!!!  … And for you iZOMBIE fans; the fate of that show has not been determined yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  I like the show and think that renewing it for another season is a ‘no-brainer’, but we’ll have to wait and see what the CW says. And yes, that was zombie humor.

WEDNESDAY WRECKAGE:  Arrow will be back on the 26th and Mad Dog and the new Black Canary will become series regulars.  But hold on to your hats people, because Laurel Lance from Earth-2 will be back as well, and she’ll also be a series regular going into next season.  What, What! Black Canary and Black Siren together, talk about an inevitable clash.  And they won’t be the only two ladies potentially duking it out because siblings Nyssa and Talia Ghul will be showing up too.  Things are going to get crowded down in that Arrow Cave.  And don’t forget that Oliver still has issues with Prometheus that need working out.  And Vigilante is still on the loose.  But I hear that we won’t find out, until next season, who that masked Vigilante really is. Talk about building suspense!  Who do you think it is?  Tommy after a dunk in the Lazarus pit? (Before it was destroyed of course).   And how will Quentin Lance react when he meets his dead daughter’s doppelgänger?   He’s already a man on the edge.  STAY TUNED!!!



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