Barry Allen just time-tripped into the future to find out Savitar’s identity. And for the record, the future ain’t looking so bright. In this version of reality, Iris died, and Barry pretty much just ran away, trying to outrun his pain I imagine. But in the process he fractured Team Flash, leaving them alone to fight Savitar and Killer Frost. Cisco fought Killer Frost as vibe, and he lost both his hands in the melee. While Wally, angry about his sister’s death, took on Savitar alone and got his spine snapped. Now Wally West is pretty much a vegetable. Yeah, things got dark. And Future Barry really let himself go; becoming a longhaired Hermit who never leaves Star Labs because he’s too busy wallowing in his own self-pity to do anything for anybody else. Yikes!

In the future, Cisco is the only member of Team Flash holding on to a little hope. Even though Future Cisco’s hands were turned to ice and then shattered by Killer Frost. So when he meets Barry Allen from 2017, he’s still trying to do good, and hopes that this newer version of Barry will help set things straight. But as we’ve learned over the past few years, Barry can be self-focused. He doesn’t want to help anyone. He just wants to find out who Savitar is and high-tail it back to his own time. Though in his defense, if he’s able to stop Savitar and save Iris he’ll be re-writing the future, and that bleak world would benefit by default. But Future Cisco wants help in the here and now. So when gloom and doom Barry tells 2017 Barry that he doesn’t know who Savitar is, and Barry tries to speed back to his own time. Cisco stops him with future tech, forcing Barry to take a closer look at the world he helped create.

In this future reality Barry abandoned the team after Iris died, so Kid Flash went after Savitar alone. So Barry goes to see Wally West, who sits in a wheelchair unresponsive. Savitar broke his spine and his spirit. Joe West, who lost his daughter and his son, is angry. And when Barry visits him at Iris’ grave, he learns that he was never there for Joe, to help him through that pain. So Joe feels totally abandoned and bitter. And he wants nothing to do with Barry. Julian is angry too, and has to deal with Killer Frost, who he has locked away in a chamber that inhibits her powers. And though Frost knows who Savitar is, she won’t tell Barry anything.   Though she does reveal that back in 2017 she teamed up with Savitar, who understood her.  And I think that’s the key to helping Caitlin/Frost. Instead of trying to banish one or the other, maybe uniting them is the way to go.

Cisco still has mad love for his BFF, and agrees to let Barry go back to his own time. But seeing his family in so much pain, motivates 2017 Barry to try and help in the here and now. So Barry reunites Team Flash; Cisco, Joe, H.R. Wells and Julian. And they attempt to take down Mirror Master and his girlfriend Top, in a ‘just like old times’ scenario. But the Meta-human couple are stronger here in the future and they almost take Barry out. But then doom & gloom Barry steps up to help out, in a nifty brighter suit. And the two Flashes easily defeat the two baddies, bringing hope back to Central City. And now doom and gloom Barry, inspired by 2017 Barry, is hopeful too. He reunites with his version of Team Flash, as Barry speeds back in time to see his team. And 2017 Barry promises that no matter what happens with Savitar, he won’t cut and run, no matter how much pain he’s in.

And even though we still don’t know who Savitar is, the trip to the future wasn’t a total waste of time. Future Barry told our Barry about Tracy Brand, the woman destined to build the Speed Force prison that would some day contain Savitar. And maybe, if they can get Tracy to develop the technology now, years before she actually did create it, they may be able to catch Savitar before he kills Iris. And speaking of the so-called God of Speed, Killer Frost meets up with him and he proposes that they team up. But She totally gives him the cold-shoulder. Until he reveals who he is, then she agrees. And though she’s the only one who can see who he is, which is a frustrating tease, it’s promised that his identity will be revealed next week. SO STAY TUNED!!!!!!

NOTE: This episode was directed by Tom Cavanagh, who plays H.R. Wells.

LAST WORDS: So who is Savitar? At first I thought it might be Future Barry Allen. But we just saw him this episode, so he can’t be Savitar. And why would any version of Barry Allen want to murder Iris West… So maybe it’s a bitter and angry Ronnie Raymond, back from the black hole he got sucked into. Barry’s selfish time traveling antics caused the black hole. And Ronnie and Caitlin had just gotten married. So maybe it’s a revenge thing. And speaking of revenge; maybe it’s Eddie Thawne. He had to kill himself to stop his ancestor, Reverse Flash, and save Barry. Even though he knew that Iris, the woman he loved, was destined to be with Barry. Eddie’s body was sucked into the black hole too. Who do you think Savitar is?

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