When is a dead guy, not dead?  When he’s on Gotham.  Major characters don’t stay dead in Gotham, it’s just a situation you have to get used to. By episode’s end we discover that Oswald Cobblepot, who was shot in the gut and pushed into the bay, was fished out and nursed back to health by Ivy. And don’t ask how, because Ivy’s no doctor. In fact, she’s an uneducated twelve year-old stuck in a twenty-six year old hot body. So she doesn’t even have adult smarts. But Ivy does love plants, so that’s something. And Penguin, who now seems right as rain, announces that he has someone he needs to kill. And though Oswald doesn’t name-drop, I’m guessing it’s his ex-crush Ed Nygma. Ed is the one that shot Penguin and tossed him in the bay to expire, like month-old milk.   So Oswald’s thirst for revenge does seem somewhat justified. But what has Nygma been doing since the attempted murder? That’s what this episode is about. And it’s ironically entitled, “ How The Riddler Got His Name.”

Which is a bit ironic, since we already know how he got his name. Ed Nygma has dropped riddles since day one. That’s his shtick. Everybody knows it. So when Ed finally comes up with the name, The Riddler, it’s less of a revelation and more of a D’uh moment. And though Edward Nygma claimed that The Penguin’s affections weren’t reciprocated, he sure can’t stop thinking about him. In fact, he has visions of a waterlogged and dead Mayor Cobblepot popping in to chat with him every time he self-medicates.   Which is a lot. But Ed Nygma spends the episode trying to discover who he is without The Penguin. And he does this by going on a killing spree, as he tries to find a new mentor. He quizzes his victims with a riddle, and if they can’t solve it, he kills them. And after six failed attempts to find his new muse, and six dead smart guys, he goes after Jim Gordon. But Jim is off having some ‘me’ time with his uncle. So Lucius Fox becomes Nygma’s next candidate.

Meanwhile, in another story arc, the Court Of Owls kidnaps Bruce Wayne and his evil clone takes his place. But the secret society’s plan is pretty flawed. Alfred and the real Bruce Wayne met the evil clone last season. So when Bruce shows up acting all weird, Alfred pretty much figures out what happened right away.   Too bad the Court of Owls wasn’t smart enough to teach fake Bruce how to act like the real Bruce. They fed him some facts they probably got off wikipedia, about his dead parents etc. But they didn’t do any real in-depth research that might have helped fake Bruce pull off the charade. But don’t fret; the murderous organization didn’t kill the real Bruce Wayne. That would have made too much sense. Instead, they shipped him off to a Tibet-like prison. So he can eventually escape and learn a few things. And speaking of the Court Of Owls, Jim’s uncle is trying to get him to join.   As if that’s going to happen.

Then back on the trail; Lucius and Harvey work together to try to track down the serial killer who uses riddles. And it’s cool to see these two characters team up, because they usually don’t. Harvey needs Lucius, because he appears to be the only person at the GCPD that can figure out the riddles, which are clues to Nygma’s victims. But in a twist, Nygma kidnaps Harvey, revealing himself as the killer. And Lucius has to solve one of Nygma’s riddles to save Harvey’s life, which he does. But Nygma gets away, though he thanks Lucius Fox, who he calls ‘Foxy’, for inspiring him. Using all those riddles helped him come up with his new super villain name, The Riddler. And he even gets a new green suit and a bowler hat. Thought there aren’t any question marks on the jacket, like there are in the comics, but we get the idea. Then Nygma ditches the drugs and his Penguin visions, and strolls off to start life anew, as a crazed bad guy. BUT, he doesn’t know that the real Penguin is alive and gunning for him.  STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS:  Selina is still upset at Bruce, and seems to be taking a darker path this season.  While Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch are all no-shows this episode.  And what about that crystal owl that Bruce, Alfred and Selina stole from the Court Of Owls?   Before it got broken, that crystal owl glowed like it had some kind of power.  Will we ever find out what that was all about?

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