Danny McBride has been very busy lately promoting Alien: Covenant, a film he stars in.  Besides fighting Xenomorphs, McBride has teamed up with John Carpenter and Blumhouse to work on the next installment in the Halloween franchise. Although many outlets are referring to the movie as a reboot and remake, McBride has set the record straight.

Durning the Ridley Scott handprint ceremony, that took place at the world famous Chinese Theatre, we asked McBride if the next installment is a remake or reboot?

It’s not a reboot. We are trying to continue the story of Michael Myers.

Alien Covenant arrives in theaters this Friday. The new Halloween project does not yet have a release date and is still in pre-production. One thing we can take away from this is that finally, Michael Myers is back in good hands!

You can watch the interview below.

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