Car Wash is one of those classics I just never caught, so the Shout Factory Blu-ray was a perfect chance. It’s part of their Shout Select series. 

It truly is just a day in the life at a car wash. They mess with the customers and each other. It’s got great music and a party feeling, and enough famous legends in it that even if you don’t laugh at every single thing, it keeps your attention and makes you feel good.

Now that I’ve lived in L.A. for almost 20 years, I get to see ’70s LA in gritty HD glory. You see the grain in the film and the streets are hazy with smog. The orange jumpsuits pop against that backdrop. The cars are shiny when they come out the other end and auto interiors are blue with cloth textures or brown leather, details that help set the scene on Blu-ray.

Otis Day and Gary Stromberg give new interviews. Day gives a sense of what it was like on the set. Stromberg describes the Hollywood of the ’70s in more detail, as well as the celebrity cameos.

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