Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man, is bringing his elasticity to Central City in Season four of The Flash.   In DC Comics, Ralph is a fast-talking Private Investigator by day, and the costumed vigilante, The Elongated Man, by night. Ralph has the ability to stretch his body into almost any shape or form. In the comics, Ralph is a very fun character. So lets hope he brings that element to The Flash, which was a little too dark and foreboding most of last Season. Whether it was Iris’ impending doom, the death of Cisco’s brother due to Flashpoint, or Caitlin’s villainous turn, the show took on an Arrow-like vibe that definitely wasn’t fun. Soap Opera Star, Hartley Sawyer, will play Ralph Dibny. And just for the record, the character stretches like Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, but the Elongated Man was created a year earlier, so he’s not a rip-off.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the producers promised that season four of the Flash would have a lighter tone, which is fine by me. Gotham and Arrow are dark enough, and I always liked that The Flash was a bright spot mid-week. So hopefully, the addition of Ralph Dibny is an elongated step in the right direction. But with an entrance comes an exit, and it looks like Julian either leaves Team Flash, or he’s already gone. So Caitlin will again be without a boyfriend. And hopefully they won’t try to shoehorn her into yet another relationship this season. In the comics, Ralph is married, so he’s off limits. So let’s let Caitlin re-discover who she is, now that is also part Killer Frost. Stay tuned!!!!

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