Michael J. Fox was the number one influence in my life in 1985. When I saw Back to the Future, I tried to build a time machine. It might be worked if I could have gone 88 mph. Then he had another movie, Teen Wolf, and I wanted to be a werewolf too. The best I could do was have the poster in my bedroom.

Scream Factory’s 4K transfer is a Teen Wolf I’ve never seen before, not even in theaters. It’s so clear, so bright, yet maintains the distinct look of 1980s 35mm film. Maybe it’s the way California looked in the ‘80s or the type of film the photo companies were making, but this is film preservation at its finest.

I doubt I could ever have imagined a two hour, 23 minute behind the scenes on a film I thought I was the only one who loved. Thanks to nostalgia and DVD era. Of course, Michael J. Fox doesn’t participate, but wrtier Jeph Loeb is in charge of all Marvel television now so it’s fun to hear about his first job.

It’s got cultural perspective from psychologist and film critic. I also learned director Rod Daniel died last year. I’m sorry it wasn’t a highly publicized passing or I would’ve said something about him at the time. But there are clips of a Q&A he spoke at fairly recently it seems. He’ll also be happy they’ve debunked the penis myth by showing the final scene with a fully open frame. 

Teen Wolf Too wasn’t remastered but it looks good. I mean, I have vague memories of seeing it in theaters and this rings a bell. You see the grain and its a clean print with bright lush colors on the college campus. Sound-wise, the ADR really stands out as a separate track from the production dialogue but that’s a fun relic of the era.

There seem to be as many interviews on this Blu-ray as the original. That always makes me happy because the sequel is a movie too and most collections only focus on the classic original. But people worked just as hard trying to make another one and if it’s not Aliens or T2 they often get the shaft.

Of course Jason Bateman isn’t getting nostalgic, nor is screenwriter Tim Kring. There is some talk of deleted scenes which unfortunately haven’t been restored. Hey, they got legend Kim Darby opening up about her ex, so I’m happy with this his retrospective.

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