47 Meters Down Blu-ray Review: Jaws of Steel

I loved 47 Meters Down. It’s a great high concept that really escalates and makes things bad for these two girls. It’s Gravity underwater without the dead daughter and it’s even better than The Shallows as shark catastrophe movies go.

On Blu-ray, the underwater photography looks gorgeous. Before they get there, the green surface of the water is striking, as is the Mexican beach and dance club. You see all the detail of the rust on that rinky dink old cage. The blue mask straps get wonky a few times but it’s honestly not that distracting. It could just as easily be the lighting of the ocean, except I know it’s the water tank.

The commentary is lively and goes there. They talk about the Weinstein Company’s plan for a VOD release and how they got 47 Meters Down in theaters. They tease some stories they heard from Matthew Modine which were new to me. I didn’t know he was attached to Flatliners and I still can’t find Modine’s story.

You take it for granted that 47 Meters Down is all in a tank. The little details really sell it. When you consider four hour blocks in a tank, that’s both exhausting and it cuts the shooting schedule. There were doubles working a second shift but still. The filmmakers even share some sequel plans and correct a piece of IMDB trivia that has been since removed.

The behind the scenes feature opens with a spoiler so don’t watch it first, just in case. Between the feature and the commentary, they really show you how they made 47 Meters Down.

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